Care for skin of hands - the rejuvenating masks

Care for skin of hands - the rejuvenating masks

All know long ago that hands are capable to give age of the woman, at the same time the skin on hands grows old because of adverse external factors, household chemicals, contacts with water, too cold or dry air much earlier. To prevent destructive influences of the external environment, it is necessary to look after correctly skin of hands and to do the rejuvenating masks.

Nutritious mask for hands

One of the main functions of nutritious masks for hands is completion of insufficient amount of vitamins. For this purpose you can get in drugstore of the capsule with vitamins A and E and to add them to the hand creams.

Also you can prepare nutritious mask in house conditions.

1. Honey mask: connect 2 tsps of honey, 20 ml of olive oil and a little lemon juice, 1 chicken yolk. Well mix these ingredients and apply mask to skin of hands.

Honey is fine means which helps to increase elasticity of skin, to make it more elastic and also saturates with microelements and vitamins, folic acid.

2. Glyceric mask. Connect pharmaceutical glycerin and vitamin E in equal proportions and you put this mask before going to bed.

The similar combination of glycerin and vitamin E is capable to prevent aging of skin and will make it elastic.

3. Mask with lemon: to connect 2 tablespoons of sour cream and the juice which is squeezed out of lemon half. Such citrus as lemon, contain large amount of potassium and the C and A vitamins having also bleaching effect.

The restoring mask for hands

Take 1 avocado, crush it by means of the blender, add 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of sour cream or the yogurt which is not containing additives, properly mix this mix and apply to skin of hands. Besides, the heat-insulating film will help to enhance effect of this mask.

This mask is capable to eliminate peeling, increases elasticity of skin, gives it turgor and considerably rejuvenates. In addition this mask has wound healing effect.

Fine means which can be got in drugstore is the mask from white or blue clay and also alga laminaria.

The softening mask for hands

During the winter period when skin of hands considerably grows coarse because of frost and strong wind, becomes rough, you will be helped by the softening mask which can be prepared from vaseline and paraffin.

Grease with thick layer of vaseline your hands, and then lower in warm paraffin, also wind with the heat-insulating film. 15-20 minutes later skin of your hands will become soft.

The potato mask has also softening effect. For this purpose take olive oil, mashed potatoes, milk, connect in proportion 1:2:1 and apply on hands. It is possible to hold such mask 20 minutes, and then it is good to wash away water.

In care for skin of hands also large role is played by daily mitigation, use of the peeling srubs and application of medical baths. At contacts with water do not forget to put on rubber gloves.

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