Caret on leg: technology and features of hairstyle

Caret on leg: technology and features of hairstyle

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The hairstyle of "caret on leg" does not lose the relevance for several years. The hairstyle is universal as it suits any shape of face. Gives to image style, well-groomed look and elegance.

"The caret on leg" - as kind of classical caret - has become fashionable relatively recently. It is harmoniously combined with any face type and effectively looks on all types of hair. But only soft straight hair of dark shades can transfer all charm of such hairstyle. At the same time it is undesirable that hair were fine - after all for any kind of caret the volume is necessary.

Graduation is perfectly combined with oval face type, successfully softens contours of rectangular. If the person of triangular shape - can be chosen the graduated "caret on leg" with thick direct bangs.

The main feature of hairstyle of "caret on leg" is that its length is behind equal to chin level, and lock at the person – extended, i.e. are lower than the level of chin. The hairstyle behind – short with elements of graduation which gives to occipital part of hair - volume and does the line of neck smooth, visually extending it. Length of front locks is chosen independently. Will not be superfluous to remind that such hairstyle needs daily laying.

The hairstyle of "Caret on leg" is not recommended to women with hard, thick hair or large parameters of the head. In such cases the hair will badly give in to laying, and the head - to look even more volume. Plump women should approach the choice of "caret" of a such type especially carefully. Short length of hairstyle will visually round face and will increase cheeks.

It is desirable to make this hairstyle on the clean and moistened hair. At first it is necessary to comb hair and to behind divide them into four zones, having separated them clips. Then the fringing of desirable form of hairstyle and its length becomes, the hairstyle on vertical hair partings - graduation is made further. So, the hairstyle should be begun with the lower part of nape. Clips from occipital part of the head clean up, and hair well comb hair and divided horizontal hair parting into two equal parts. Upper – it is again clamped. Further hair of the lower part of nape are straightened and have hair cut mysiky – tick. Then it is worth carrying out processing by the thinned-out scissors. Hair of upper part of nape should be cut through small step to 3-4 cm, under smooth tilt angle in 45 degrees. If desired the step can be made higher. Then graduation due to which so-called "leg" turns out is carried out. Further having removed upper clips it is necessary to issue the main – the lower line of caret. After that hair need to be combed and checked for flatness and symmetry of lines well. Further process of hairstyle takes place according to the scheme of classical caret.

Many stylists carrying out "caret on leg" recommend basic length – not lower than the middle of ear, considering that such type of caret allows to look stylish, brightly it is not beaten and does not demand special costs of laying and leaving.

Before registration of bang previously it is necessary to decide on its form and the size. Now long slanting bangs are fashionable. At the final stage all hairstyle and bang needs to be profiled. The hairstyle is ready! The graduated "caret on leg" was appreciated by such stars as Keira Knightley, Victoria Beckham and others.

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