Cause of small heat-spots on forehead

Cause of small heat-spots on forehead

In forehead large number of sebaceous glands is located therefore skin in this place is inclined to appearance of pimples. To get rid of acne rash, it is necessary to find out the reason of its emergence and to start its decision.

Most often pimples develop when do not wait for them. It rather strongly complicates life, especially if they jump out on the eve of the important action. To understand the reason of appearance of acne rash, for a start it is necessary to analyze its character. If heat-spots develop on one from time to time, then it is rather easy to cope with them. But if rashes disturb you regularly, it will be best of all to address the dermatologist.

Problems with intestines

Skin is the card of all organism therefore if inside something not as it should be, it at once is reflected in skin. Very often the imbalance in intestines is the reason of appearance of acne rash on forehead. It can happen because of improper feeding. Think of what you eat.

Add to diet more healthy food, for example vegetables, fruit, dairy products, proteins and cellulose. To the maximum limit flour, sweet and fat. Try to have less a snack. Find for meal enough time and you do not hurry. Replace coffee with green tea and fresh juices.

Misoperation of pancreas or gall bladder

Sometimes failure in work of pancreas and gall bladder becomes the cause of small heat-spots. To self-medicate in that case it is useless. Address the gastroenterologist better.

Long intake of some medicines

In certain cases acne rash can be caused by long reception of hormonal means, oral contraceptives, dietary supplement, antibiotics and some vitamins.

Wrong skin care

In some cases small forehead spots develop because of the wrong skin care. First, it belongs to make-up. The plentiful amount of foundation or powder strongly hammers time and does not allow skin to breathe. She literally chokes with it and quicker becomes soiled. Therefore be careful with decorative cosmetics. Do not forget to wash away always it before going to bed special means for makeup removal. Secondly, often heat-spots can be provoked by lack of hygiene. Oily skin needs to be cleaned regularly. For this purpose it is necessary to pick up special means. It is desirable that in structure there was salicylic acid. Thirdly, acne rash can develop because of use of low-quality cosmetics. Buy only the checked cosmetics and you always watch expiration date on packing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team