Causes of hair loss

Causes of hair loss

Why hair drop out? This question is asked to themselves by all who notice at themselves excessive hair loss. Whether it is necessary to sound the alarm or this normal manifestation?

Many people were influenced and know not firsthand that such hair loss. But it is not necessary to confuse norm of human body and disease.

All cells of the person have property to be updated, and with hair. Some drop out, and on their place new grow. The normal hair loss is considered if at the person in day drops out within hundred filaments. So that if you, having woken up have seen 3-4 hairs on the pillow in the morning, then it is not reason for panic. If hair get out bunches, and on morning all pillow in hair, then it is necessary to look for the reason of such loss and to eliminate it.

Causes of hair loss.

Unfortunately, but the hair loss can be provoked not by one, but several reasons. The worst in such situation is that they can have absolutely identical manifestation and symptomatology.

The hair loss can be provoked by the person. Influence of chemical wave, overheating phenom or long carrying braids in the African style – it badly influences hair.

Hereditary predisposition.

This factor influencing hair loss, unfortunately, cannot be stopped because baldness is put at the gene level.


In the period of menopause at women the level of the circulating estrogen which is responsible for reproductive functions of all organism decreases. The skin on the head stayot excessively dry, and structure of hair changes that, in turn leads to their loss.

Postnatal period.

After the delivery the hair loss at women is explained by the fact that hair follicles pass into phase of telogen in other words, losses. It is connected with sharp lowering and arrival to norm of such hormone as ekstragena. As a rule, for year the hormonal background has to be normalized.

Dysfunction of thyroid gland.

The thyroid gland and its activity influence synthesis mitosis and squirrel namely therefore have huge value on growth of hair and their forming. Influence of hormones which are excreted by thyroid gland, for hair, most considerably at their surplus (giperterioz) or deficiency (gipoterioz).

Intake of hormonal medicines.

Use of hormonal medicines is capable to cause hormonal failure in organism that, in turn on forming the follicle and condition of hairs in general negatively affects.

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