Causes of hair loss in the flying

Causes of hair loss in the flying

In the flying hair are subject to very big stress. They protect head skin, at the same time get under distribution then become fragile and dry. That to avoid it, it is necessary to establish the reasons which can damage to hair.

Causes of hair loss in the flying

  1. Lack of headdress. 

The sun very strongly scorches hair and also head skin. It leads to dying off of hair bulbs and hair loss.

  1. Means for laying. 

In the flying large number of various skins and hairsprays render additional loading. Under such hat the head skin begins to rot that promotes growth of harmful bacteria. Especially for the summer period it is worth excluding products that contain alcohol for hair. It leads to dehydration of hair.

  1. The chlorinated water in the pool and salty water in the sea.

After the pool or the sea the hair should be rinsed with fresh water. If not to do it, hair will become dry and fragile over time. 

  1. Shortage of vitamins and stress.

How to recover beauty and health to hair and head skin?

The first rule to save hair from the scorching sun is in the flying acquisition of nice hat or easy scarf which should cover the head. They are enough to be put on in very hot weather.

The second rule is useful on all seasons: after washing the hair should be rinsed with cool water. It will improve blood-groove to hair and will prevent loss.

Once a week it is necessary to do masks on the basis of olive or burdock oil with addition of egg yolk. Such procedure will saturate hair and will make them healthy and beautiful.

It is the best of all to replace usual shampoo in the flying on that which has the moistening properties and also to postpone the hair dryer for celebrations, having allowed hair to dry naturally. Also best of all than everything not to draw hair hard nodes during strong heat and the lowered humidity.

According to experts, there is the most active growth of hair in the flying. Therefore is not necessary are afraid to cut tips often. In practice it will only improve their state.

It is important to remember that the cause of hair loss can be not in the scorching sun, and in some changes in organism. In this case it is worth seeing doctor!  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team