Causes of peeling of face skin

Causes of peeling of face skin

The wrong skin care involves dryness, peeling and reddening. People face this problem very often, but do not know for what reason there are similar situations and as to cope with it.

Peeling of skin can be caused by both internal, and external factors. The wrong skin care, and to internal – diseases or the shortage of vitamins belongs to external. And before beginning to treat this unpleasant phenomenon, it is necessary to deal with the reasons. Most often peeling meets at people with sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is inclined to the increased irritability. It especially strongly reacts to stress, sleep debt, low-quality water, cosmetics and natural factors.

But after all the wrong leaving is basic reason of peeling. At the expense of it skin becomes dehydrated and irritable.

Peeling is caused by daily washing by water of high temperature, regular acceptance of hot bathtubs and also use of improper cosmetic products for face cleaning. Antibacterial means, as well as hot water, lead to the fact that skin loses the natural protective barrier.

What to do in this case? For a start it is necessary to remove the obvious cause. For example, no more than two times a week are recommended to take bath and water should not be hotter, it is harmful not only to skin, but also to organism in general. Optimum temperature – no more than 38 degrees. Also it is necessary to limit procedure time – no more than 10-15 minutes. It is necessary to wash water of room temperature. When peeling persons pay attention to those cosmetics which you use. Perhaps, they should be replaced with softer and sparing. As a part of the cleaning complex there should not be alcohol since it strongly dries skin. It is not recommended to use soap as its rigid components are not suitable for the person. To avoid any problems with skin including peelings, it is necessary to wash away cosmetics without fail. Even if it was not used during the day, the face needs to be cleaned and moistened twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. After contact with water the face needs to be blotted accurately with towel, but it is impossible to rub it at all. Fabric of towel has to be soft and it is good to absorb moisture. After that it is necessary to put nutritious cream on face. And it is necessary to do it until skin has managed to dry completely. Then the effect of moistening will be obvious, the feeling of tightness and discomfort will be gone. Preference should be given to means on fat basis as they prevent loss of moisture and protect skin from negative impact of factors of the external environment.

Perfectly cream with hydrocortisone helps to struggle with dryness of skin. It can be used not only for the person, but also for hands.

The shortage of various nutrients and vitamins can cause peeling. In this case it is necessary to reconsider the day diet and also to fill various complexes lacking substances reception. It is worth remembering that frost, wind (especially, cold) and the scorching sun very negatively affect condition of skin, dry it, cause irritation and peeling. Therefore it is worth using protective equipment seasonally. For example, it is necessary to put the cream containing SPF filters on face in the flying If the arisen peeling does not take place within 20 days even after the taken measures if skin begins to redden or itch, then in this case it is necessary to address the expert because these symptoms are symptoms of diseases. It can be seborrhea, eczema or psoriasis which demand separate treatment.

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