Caviar beads for nails: features of drawing and idea of design

Caviar beads for nails: features of drawing and idea of design

Tiny beads caviar beads will help to make unusual and effective manicure in house conditions. With their help it is possible to lay out volume pattern, to place emphasis on several fingers, it is beautiful to beat length and shape of nail. Having mastered simple receptions of design, it is worth trying more difficult creative options, varying the size, color, the invoice of beads.

Caviar beads: features of use in manicure

Caviar beads call the small round beads which are used in neyl-design. They are sold separate packings and sets, the last option is especially convenient for beginners. Having learned to fix color balls on varnish or gel, it is possible to think up dozens of unusual manicures: daily or festive, extravagant or classical.

By means of caviar beads it is possible to disguise small defects, to decorate too simple manicure, having given it fashionable stroke. The original caviar design becomes by means of micro balls too. Beads paste on natural and artificial nails, they well keep on any types of varnishes and gels. Balls it is possible to fix on special glue or directly on varnish. In either case the volume covering is fixed by dense quick-drying top.

Before fastening the nails are carefully ground, then apply layer of protective coating and 1-2 layers of color varnish on them. After drying it is possible to start design. The more exactly than plate, the manicure will hold on more.

Ideas of design

Small color beads do possibilities of house design really boundless. With their help it is possible to lay out volume pattern, to allocate the line of cuticle or smile, it is beautiful to frame nails. The courageous option is to cover one or several plates with caviar beads completely.

Before starting registration, it is necessary to consider the general idea of manicure carefully. Also the simple sketch on paper will not prevent. It is easier to make changes to it, than to try to re-stick beads on nails, spoiling svezhenanesenny varnish.

At registration color of enamel, its texture, shade and the size of beads is considered. On sale there are caviar beads with metal or nacreous dusting, brilliant, translucent, opaque. Most effectively small beads look, but beginning to work with them it is difficult.

The simplest, but effective option – frame of nail plates. Thus it is possible to allocate 1-2 nails on each hand. It is preferable to use caviar beads of contrast shade. For example, brilliant black beads are well combined with white or red varnish, with cream beautifully are in harmony golden or silvery. Manicure has to be faultless: beads draw special attention to hands, the slightest negligence will be evident. Beads paste closely, using tweezers with flat tips.

One-two nails can be covered with one-color caviar beads completely. Nails become covered by gel polish layer (bastrosokhnushchy enamels will not approach), large beads keep within closely, from below up. Color of caviar beads has to match shade of basic covering.

Long nails can be decorated with imitation of beads. Apply thin strips of glue in wave mode on the plates varnished pastel shade. Then on these lines, small pearls of white or silvery shade closely fix. Thus it is possible to issue 2-3 nails on each hand, the others to leave better monophonic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team