Cellulitis and guides to fight against it

Cellulitis and guides to fight against it

many girls faced cellulitis problem. It does not depend on your build in any way. Sometimes even thin girls suffer from this misfortune. As to get rid of cellulitis, without spending funds for visits of expensive salons for special procedures which suit not everyone? The main method of fight against tuberosity – anti-cellulite massage. To receive desirable result – it is necessary to make at least 8-10 procedures though, of course, their quantity directly depends on cellulitis stage.

 But you should not think that the anti-cellulite massage made at home will be much easier than saloon procedures.

Here too there are rules, having forgotten about which, you will not achieve results necessary to you:  

1) If you have varicosity, or heart diseases, then it is better for you to find other way of disposal of cellulitis.

 2) The movements made at massage have to go from below up.  

3) Before massage it is necessary to warm your muscles, to save them from tension. Hands have to be warm too.  

4) Rate of massage has to increase, that is it is necessary to begin with smooth slow movements.

 5) Duration of massage has to be about half an hour. The procedure you have to repeat minimum of times a week. If you use brush:

 1) It should not be though a little damp, as well as your skin.  

2) Do not do massage where you have irritations  

3) The best time for massage by means of brush – time before going to bed

 So, at each girl the cellulitis develops on different places. Depending on your problem places, it is necessary to use different methods of massage:

 1) Cellulitis on buttocks, hips and stomach. It is necessary to connect index and thumbs so that from them the triangle has turned out. Further it is necessary to press them on problem places and to move towards thumbs. Then they need to be moved upward.  

2) Cellulitis on stomach, hips and inside of hands. It is necessary to clamp between thumb and all others the site of skin and to connect fingers, moving from below up. At you peculiar pinches have to turn out. The main thing not to overdo with their vigor.

 3) Cellulitis on a lap, buttocks, hips. It is necessary to mass tsellyulitny deposits circular motions by the fingers put together.  

4) Cellulitis on stomach, hips and buttocks. Squeeze fingers in fist and with force carry out by them in the direction up, and then back. Do not forget to apply force to your movements. During this reception you have to feel heat on problem zone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team