Cellulitis? Did not hear! 3 effective ways to reduce cellulitis in house conditions

Cellulitis? Did not hear! 3 effective ways to reduce cellulitis in house conditions

Cellulitis (or lipodistrofiya) has been recognized as problem about 40 flyings ago. These not esthetic hillocks and dimples on skin which are especially noticeable when pinching can appear at women of any age and build.

The reasons of voznikonoveniye of "orange-peel" can be a little: improper feeding, inactive way of life, smoking and hormonal reorganizations of organism. Sometimes formation of cellulitis begins already at teenage age when violation of microblood circulation and outflow of lymph in hypodermic cellulose leads to emergence of roughnesses unpleasant by sight on hips and buttocks.

  • chocolate
  • sugar
  • salt
  • coffee
  • alcohol
  • mayonnaise
  • fish and seafood
  • boiled eggs
  • citruses
  • muesli without honey (in reasonable quantities)

At early stages will be to correct enough food and to increase physical activities. In more started cases when cellulitis is already visible with the naked eye, it is the best of all to resort to special procedures, both saloon, and house. There are at least 3 ways to reduce cellulitis in house conditions

This procedure strengthens lymph flow and blood circulation, removes puffiness and improves skin tone. Works not so effectively as, for example, professional massage, but has positive results in fight against "orange-peel". Wrapping can be cold (with use of honey of room temperature) or we heat - in this case honey is warmed on water bath.

What is the procedure? Honey weight by means of the massing movements is applied on carefully purified and otskrabirovanny skin. At cold wrapping - on certain sites, at hot - on all body. The parts of the body covered with honey roll up further polyethylene film (it is possible usual food) and wrap up with warm plaid or shawl. Duration - about 60 minutes. Most likely, you will have feeling of heat. After the procedure, not absorbed honey needs to be washed away warm water.

It is considered that even after the single procedure 2-3 cm can "leave" waist and other problem zones. To achieve more notable results, it is necessary to conduct course from 4-5 procedures at an interval of week.

To whom it is contraindicated? There is a lot of contraindications to this procedure - beginning with varicosity and finishing with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. If you have doubts, surely consult with the doctor.

Sea salt is natural peeling for body. Rotsedura improves appearance of skin, removes slags and puffiness. Skin razgrazhivatsya, takes healthy form and pleasant velvet. At the same time cellulitis becomes less noticeable. The salina will be effective at its early stages when "orange-peel" is visible only at strong compression.

  • Usual salina. You need 1.5 kg of the crude sea salt. Dissolve salt in heat bath. After bathing wrap body towel, and then some time lie down under blanket. Then wash away hydrochloric solution under warm shower.
  • Coconut salina. You need 250 g of sea salt, 5 drops of coconut oil and 2 drops of oil of ylang-ylang. Mix salt and oil, then dissolve mix in heat bath.
  • Fragrant salina. You need 500 g of easily soiled salt, 1 h spoon of flavourless vegetable oil and several drops of essential oil. Mix salt and oil, dissolve in heat bath.

Procedure duration: about 20 minutes

How does the salina work? Hydrochloric solution opens time, brings excess liquid and toxins out of organism, stimulates metabolism. Also salinas soften skin, reduce joint and muscles pains.

This exercise for certain is known to much, in the people it is called "circulation on buttocks" and if more precisely - on sciatic hillocks. This exercise which, by the way, is very useful for backbone (at the correct performance) has one interesting "side effect". The fact is that during performance soft tissues of buttocks are not bad massed, at the same time in them the blood-groove amplifies and consequently exercise is shown for reduction and prevention of cellulitis.

  • Starting position - sitting on buttocks, back direct, legs are divorced on width of shoulders.
  • Bend hands in elbows, muscles of legs and buttocks are most strained.
  • Putting forward alternately one, other buttock, make the movement on buttocks forward or back. Hands remain are pressed to trunk.
  • Starting position - trunk at an angle of 45 degrees, legs are bent, hips at an angle of 45 degrees, shins are parallel to floor. Sit down on sciatic hillocks (but not on tailbone even if it seems to you more convenient).
  • You hold hands at breast. At the same time the body is held by muscles of waist and press.
  • Raising alternately one, other buttock, begin to move forward or back.

Actually the second option of exercise is more difficult, than it seems at first sight. If at you it is impossible to carry out it as it is written above, try to lower legs almost to floor, but at the same time they should not touch it. Thus you facilitate to yourself task a little. Important point - try not to hunch back. By the way, it is more difficult to go on buttocks back, than forward.

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