Cellulitis medicines at pregnancy

Cellulitis medicines at pregnancy

During pregnancy most of women faces emergence or strengthening of cellulitis. This problem especially is sharp that in such "interesting" situation it is impossible to be fond without analysis of cosmetics and also massage and physical exercises for hips. The main blow by "heavy artillery" against orange-peel on hips and stomach has to be put after childbirth, however even during pregnancy it is possible to take some measures for fight against cellulitis.

Anticellulite massage

The most effective and harmless anti-cellulite remedy during pregnancy – massage. However there are some types of this procedure forbidden at this time. Vacuum massage, self-massage, massage by the device LPG and also spoon massage are allowed.

Vacuum massage is made by means of glass or plastic massage jars – they can be bought in drugstores. It is necessary on wet skin, ideally – oiled or fat cream, - to attach to bank so that she "has stuck". Then carry out circular motions. Do every day or every two days.

Self-massage is performed just by means of hands or with application of massage brushes, mittens and rollers masseurs. We begin from below, with shins, rising gradually up. Previously having warmed leather massage circular motions, it is necessary to compress it so that such triangle has appeared, it needs to be smoothed with thumb towards other fingers.

There are several types of massage forbidden during pregnancy. It is manual massage, stone therapy, ozonoterapiya, talassotermiya, miostimulyation, paraffinotherapy, mesotherapy, elektorolipoliz and ultrasonography therapy.

Spoon massage will demand to use silver or German silver spoon. The cleaned and moisturized skin with circular motions is smoothed by means of spoon which temperature has to be pleasant for body. Massage with the device LPG combines vacuum massage and massaging by special roller mechanisms. Such massage is admissible only around hips, not on stomach, and already especially - not around breast.

Other means for fight against cellulitis

Even in house conditions pregnant woman the woman, besides self-massage, can use also different other methods of fight against cellulitis. They are simple and available to each future mother.

The most effective method of fight against cellulitis – physical activities on hips – during pregnancy can lead to premature birth and other troubles. Therefore it is necessary to be limited samrmassazhy and the sparing receptions.

For a start you should not overeat and also to try to increase whenever possible physical activity. It is possible and is necessary to smear problem sites with soft anti-cellulite external means, whenever possible natural and the safest for future child, producers of organic cosmetics are preferable. Besides, are very useful in every respect – to fight against cellulitis and to health of mother and the child - swimming and usual walking.

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