Centaurea for face skin

Centaurea for face skin

Centaurea flowers, more precisely, their external petals, very actively apply in cosmetology. The centaurea has the regenerating effect on skin, interferes with formation of early wrinkles, improves elasticity, has tonic properties.


1. Mask with centaurea from morshchinzaleyta 2 tablespoons of petals of centaurea 0.5 glasses of water, cover dense, bring to boiling and you hold on weak fire of 20 minutes. Let's broth cool down to warm state, filter, cast 1 tablespoon for mask, add 1 h honey spoon if you do not have on it allergy, and mix. Dissolve the remained broth with very warm water, moisten in it napkin and put it for 5 minutes on the clean person. After warm compress the mask will work more effectively. Apply it to face skin and necks very thin layer and lie down for 15 minutes. Wash away mask warm water. Do mask one-two times a month, it is better in the evening. The mask smoothes small wrinkles and moisturizes the skin of any type.

2. To razglazhivayushchayazaleyta 1 tablespoon of petals of centaurea in 3 tablespoons of boiled water also take Musk on weak fire 2 minutes. Let's broth cool down a little, filter it, add 5 drops of lemon juice and oat or rye flour that dense gruel has turned out. Apply still warm mix to face skin for 15-20 minutes, and then wash away water of room temperature. Masks for the best effect should be done by course of 10 procedures 2-3 times a week. The mask not only smoothes skin of any type, but tones up and gives it healthy well rested look.

3. Infusion for century and not tolkovasilek is considered one of the best means for inflammation removal century and eye. If you want that your eyes of siyakla, after removal of make-up and long work at the computer wipe eyelids with cornflower-blue infusion. Fill in 2 tablespoons of flowers of centaurea with 1 glass of boiled water, insist 20 minutes, filter and you store infusion in the fridge. Wipe eyelids after makeup removal with cool infusion. If eyelids have reddened and have swelled up, lie down for 15-20 minutes, having put the cotton pads moistened with warm infusion on eyelids. Infusion from petals of centaurea is also fine tonic for the combined and oily skin inclined to inflammation. At regular application, infusion helps to eliminate greasy luster, to purify skin and to narrow pores. Infusion can be used both cooled, and frozen.

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