Charging for century against aging

Charging for century against aging

Women do not wish to grow old. They the most part of life keep to diets and work to the seventh sweat in the gym to keep maiden forms. In pursuit of slim figure many girls forget about the person. Cosmetics from wrinkles – that is not all. It is regularly worth doing exercises for upper part of the face to brake aging.

With age face muscles lose tone and fall. Wrinkles on forehead and around eyes give to the woman tired face. Charging for elasticity will help to get rid century of this problem.

Warm-up and termination of complex

Before exercises and after their termination it is necessary to relax eyelids. Simple actions will help with it.

Within 10 seconds it is necessary to blink quickly, watching that the forehead did not screw up the face. Then it is necessary to goggle with force, trying to roll out eyeballs outside. At the same time eyebrows should not rise that wrinkles on forehead were not formed.

Massage will be the last weakening exercise. Within 30 seconds it is necessary to pat quietly fingertips on the upper line of eyebrows, corners of eyes, malar stone. It is desirable that hands were warm.

Main complex

Carrying out feysbuilding for century, apply the moisturizing cream on finger-tips and slightly pound it. Put halfbent forefingers over eyebrows. The bent thumbs – on cheekbones, the others - on whisky. Trying to raise eyebrows, fingers interfere with it. Put the opened palms on eyebrow that tips of close fingers concerned the line of hair. Trying to frown, with force press hands, interfering with it. Widely open eyes, without raising eyebrow. Forefingers take notice of external corners where "goose pads" are formed. Try to raise lower eyelid. If it does not turn out, at least feel tension in this area. Do not weaken pressure of fingers, otherwise around eyes wrinkles are formed. Charging for elasticity comes to an end century with such exercise. Having arranged horizontally forefingers on eyebrows, close their tips on nose bridge. Widely open eyes, the strong pressure of fingers preventing eyebrows to rise. You translate look here and there until eyes are tired. Then blink and lie down blindly.

Full complex

Exercises for upper part of the face and charging for eye area are connected among themselves as muscles of forehead raise eyelids. Arrange palms with close fingers perpendicular to eyebrows. Close eyes and relax face muscles. With force closing eyelids, at the same time densely press hands forehead muscles. Remaining in starting position, open eyes. Trying to lower eyebrows, interfere with it by force of palms. Put forefingers on eyebrow, and big – on the lowered upper eyelids. Opening eyes, disturb it thumbs. This exercise at the same time strengthens muscles and masses skin. Place index and middle fingers letter V. Arrange them in both corners of eyes. Relax forehead, strongly blink the eyes lower eyelid, having gone into look up. Stand for 30 seconds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team