Chemical peeling of face

Chemical peeling of face

Face skin needs regular and careful clarification, but if it is possible to get rid of dirt by means of means for washing, then it will not be possible to remove the horny and died off cages in such a way. For this purpose there is chemical peeling influencing more deeply and helping skin to be updated.

What is chemical peeling

This means including the special substances deleting upper layer of skin cells in the structure. On degree of intensity of influence it is possible to allocate cosmetic peelings of wide range of application which everyone, and peelings professional, applied only by experts in beauty shops can get in shop.

The first usually contain fruit acids which cannot do harm to skin, except cases of individual allergic reactions. The second are much more intensive and at the wrong application can cause burns, but and efficiency from them 10 times more: saloon peelings not only purify skin, promote production of collagen and tone up it, but even do less expressed small wrinkles and other defects.

The difference of chemical peeling from srub consists that it does not contain abrasive substances and influences skin more shchadyashche therefore perfectly is suitable even for sensitive type.

Application of peeling of face

The instruction which needs to be followed is attached to any means. It is desirable to choose means of those producers which offer all line of goods on skin care when carrying out peeling at once. Usually it not only peeling, but also the calming cream or emulsion after its application. Frequency of carrying out chemical peeling depends on skin type, but in general it is not recommended to do it more often than once a quarter. Though at good reaction of skin the expressed effect can remain for half a year. The cycle of procedures usually includes from three to four, it is necessary to do them not more often than once a week, allowing skin to be restored. The peeling in beauty shops becomes even less often as the effectiveness it higher and longer remains.

Do not apply similar peeling in the presence of inflammations on skin, during pregnancy and when the blood grid of vessels passes too close to the surface of epidermis.

Consequences of chemical peeling

It is not less important to know that even the most sparing chemical peeling in essence is burn therefore after its carrying out the person requires careful care. It is not recommended to lead him to summertime of year as sunshine within week after its application are contraindicated. Skin can keep small puffiness and reddening in the first days, but then this effect passes and the person becomes healthier by sight.

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