Chemical peeling: pros and cons

Chemical peeling: pros and cons

The chemical peeling is understood as popular non-surgical method of rejuvenation. This procedure is carried out due to interaction of epidermis and active agents (acids, minerals, clay). It is possible to apply it both on small sites of skin, and on some parts of body. Besides indisputable positive effect, the chemical peeling can have also negative impact.

The positive effect and shortcomings chemical peelings age of 20 years chemical peeling is reasonable only at excessively oily skin and availability of eels. Frequency of visit of procedures – 3-4 times a year. By 35 years the network of wrinkles around eyes, and at times and around mouth appears. In this case there is sense to increase the frequency of similar actions to 6-8 times a year. Frequency of sessions of peeling aged after 40 flyings when wrinkles become rather deep, is defined by the cosmetologist individually.

By means of impact on median and superficial sites of skin there is peeling of the keratosic cages and stimulation of synthesis of collagen and elastin. Due to emergence of young cages there is skin rejuvenation, smoothing of wrinkles, pigmentation elimination. As a result of chemical peeling, skin becomes more elastic, gains healthy color, the accurate face form is formed.

Inept holding procedure of peeling instead of advantage can give boomerang effect. Skin can cease to produce collagen, considerably having accelerated aging process. At overdose of acids or their insufficient removal after the procedure rather severe burns can be observed. Similar damages begin to live long time, leaving at the same time on skin noticeable marks. With care it is necessary to treat season of holding procedure of chemical peeling. Similar measures are explained by the fact that after purification of leather extremely it is not recommended to sunbathe within several months as gentle skin can easily burn. If nevertheless the peeling has been carried out to hot season, it is necessary to use sun-protection means. Harm and advantage of chemical peeling in dependence its raznovidnostikhimichesky peeling, depending on concentration of the used active agents, can be superficial (fruit acids are applied), average (trichloroacetic acid is applied), deep (phenolic acid is used). Advantages of superficial chemical peeling is the possibility of disposal of acne rash, oily seborrhea, pigmental spots, keratoz (thick corneal layer of skin) and little age changes. It is possible to carry course duration to shortcomings of the procedure (from several weeks to several months), the risk of uneven impact on different sites of epidermis, low efficiency for persons is more senior than 40 years. Pluses of average kind of chemical peeling is the possibility of correction of mimic wrinkles around forehead, lips, in corners of eyes, applications in decollete zone without risk of formation of hems, disposal of the postnatal and connected with change of weight extensions, it is possible to carry duration of measures of preparation before carrying out peeling To minuses of this procedure, possible morbidity of process. Besides, only the highly qualified specialist can carry out average kind of cleaning. The deep peeling allows to get rid of deep wrinkles, hems, scars and has firmness of the received result. However it has rather long period of restoration. In addition, there is risk of toxic influence of phenol on bodies and residual hems at skin.

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