Chocolate smell in perfumery

Chocolate smell in perfumery

Chocolate — one of the finest things in the world. It is not enough people who do not love it. Its aroma causes lot of emotions. For this reason perfume with chocolate smell will always be popular.

To shade noble aroma of chocolate, perfumers use also other components. Usually the smell of favourite delicacy becomes the center of composition, building around itself other aromas. Excessively saturated "clean" smell of chocolate can quickly bother, but in the company with another components it becomes really irresistible.

There are many aromas in which chocolate sounds already right at the beginning. One of the most interesting — Covet created by Sara Jessica Parker. It is light flower perfume which, thanks to chocolate, gets unusual, deep sounding. This aroma suits purposeful, active women. It without problems can be used as daily.

Chocolate enters "warm" notes of aromas of Jil from Gil Sander and Mat Chocolat from Masaki Matsusim. The first represents east, wood aroma. In its structure there is set of "tasty" shades: grapefruit, watermelon, coco, blackcurrant. This aroma something reminds fruit candies in chocolate. Mat Chocolat complements chocolate with bergamot, mint, lavender, violet, vetiver and even tobacco. It is oriental and flower aroma, but perfumers brilliantly managed to save it from excessive sweetness and persistence. Chocolate is not the center of composition here, but perfectly supplements all "surrounding" aromas.

Sometimes perfumers use chocolate aromas as peculiar base. In this case chocolate on the one hand maintains integrity of perfume, and with another — it is quite difficult to catch it. For example, the aroma "Angel", the created Thierry Mugler is widely known for special east vanilla aroma which it is constructed on refined combination of fruit and berries to cotton candy and flowers. At all not all judges notice delicate aroma of bitter chocolate in its basis. Approximately by the same principle spirits of Desire me from Eskada "work". These are spirits in which the flower and fruit notes which are perfectly working with chocolate basis are strongly expressed. Coffee notes enhance this interesting effect. Set of men's fragrances are constructed around chocolate too. For example, Blv Notte Pour Homme combines chocolate from not role, mint and color of tobacco. It is unusual, sharp aroma which never leaves indifferent. Actually, all leading producers of perfumery have addressed chocolate subject in recent years so to find spirits or toilet water with this "tasty" aroma now it is much simpler, than five or ten flyings ago.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team