Choice of effective antiperspirant

Choice of effective antiperspirant

often especially strong perspiration is shown in armpits. This problem becomes noticeable therefore use of antiperspirants will always be relevant. There are means which are released in the form of stik, gel, cream, spray or roller antiperspirants. Some of them only ""mask"" unpleasant smells, and others - reduce sweating.

If you do not want that at clothes there were sweat traces, it is necessary to make right choice of antiperspirant. Experts consider that the best antiperspirant is means which part salts of aluminum or zinc are. The specified ingredients really reduce sweating level by 40-50%. By the way, very many producers of modern antiperspirants use these components.

At strong sweating the restriction of the consumption of spicy and spicy food and also coffee and alcohol can help. The contrast shower will become one of the best assistants also.

Means which are based on hydrochlorides make rather soft impact on skin and do not cause irritation. If people suffer from strong sweating, the antiperspirant as a part of which aluminum chloride contains will become optimal variant. They are even considered as medical. Aluminum salts get deeply into sweat glands and form peculiar traffic jams there. As a result of time are blocked for several days.

Some experts are sure that as a result of action of similar antiperspirants integuments are cleaned and hazardous substances are removed from stalemate channels. Also these means have no smell. When choosing antiperspirant it is extremely important to consider its structure as low-quality means can affect your health very negatively. By scientists it is proved that hit of some ingredients in sweat glands can lead to development of tumoral diseases. That is why it is especially important to select antiperspirants correctly.

As a part of good antiperspirant there should not be fragrances and preservatives. Therefore packing should be studied with special attention. It is desirable that the antiperspirant contained mainly natural components which can interfere with distribution of microbes and support natural water balance of skin. Skin of armpits very sensitive. So means with enough glycerin will become optimum.

Glyceric antiperspirants not only reduce sweating, but also well soften and moisturize the skin.

Large number of similar means from foreign and domestic manufacturers is presented at the modern market. On TV it is possible to see set of commercials which are directed to advance of various cosmetic products. Quite often producers promise that their antiperspirant will block sweating for several days. However, it is unknown what processes will happen in your organism at this time. Therefore it is necessary to treat with accuracy the advertized means reducing sweating. Enjoy wide popularity among consumers flow down also gels. The first well get into skin and create film effect on its surface. But sometimes similar antiperspirants leave marks on clothes. As for gels, they have the same penetration, but unlike stacks do not leave absolutely any marks.

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