Choice of new hairstyle: better with bang or without?

Choice of new hairstyle: better with bang or without?

The accurate hairstyle decorates the woman, emphasizing its beauty and adding it identity. Competently picked up laying skillfully will hide all shortcomings of appearance, and considerable role in it is played by bang. Stylists are sure that the bang can cardinally change appearance. The main thing – it is successful to pick up it to the face type. You should not underestimate the importance of this detail of hairstyle, you remember that the original fringing can change your person to unrecognizability.

Before shearing lock of hair, attentively study the face form, shape of the head, shade of hair, age and initial condition of locks. All these factors will help to be defined whether it is worth choosing in general hairstyle with bang. According to professionals, long bangs suit girls with triangular face type, at the same time it is not desirable to comb the cut-off lock on nape. Hairstyles without bangs do not approach this face type at all.

Asymmetric lock ideal option for owners of square face. Full-faced perfectly will approach slanting or bang with hair parting. It will help to extend visually face and to reduce its contours. It will be beautiful to look both the short, and graduated option. Will be suitable for the extended and thin shape of face laid sideways or bang, cut short flight of stairs. It is better for owners of high forehead to choose dense and equal. On curly hair the bang short flight of stairs perfectly looks.

Girls with oval face can choose hairstyle without this element. Also it is fine option for women with diamond-shaped face contour. Full-faced beauties will suit smooth hair without pile and bang too. Besides, stylists advise not to carry similar hairstyle to girls with rectangular face as it will emphasize their wide cheekbones and angularity of the person. It is not desirable to refuse bangs to women with wide or high forehead. If you want to emphasize expressiveness of the big eyes and to make the person younger, you will be helped by direct shortly short-haired bang. However it must be kept in mind that it suits not each girl. It is not necessary to stop on it the choice if you have round face or high forehead. The slanting bang decorates owners of square and rectangular features. It will help to counterbalance proportions and to give to image light mysteriousness. Categorically owners of curly head of hear do not suit it. The long direct bang is recommended to girls with triangular shape of the person. The stylishness to image will be given by easy toning. Full-faced the graduated form will approach more. The large chin will be softened by bang straight lines. The classical form of lock in the form of arch will allow to soften cuttings of proportion of triangular and oval face type.

Fashionistas with ideal lines are able to afford multilayer gear bang. It perfectly looks in combination with melirovanny or kolorirovanny hair.

To create every day new image and to give it brightness and identity different laying of bang will help. For example, the curled lock will give to shape romanticism. For this purpose wind it by means of the curling iron, accurate curlies style other hair. The beautiful hairpin will help to give to coquetry.

If you are tormented with doubts whether the bang will suit you, use hairpin the invisible being. Remove lock back, pin up and captiously estimate the turned-out result.

It is possible to try to pin up it on one side, but the similar option will suit only young girls with pure leather. The shape can give playfulness if to take away equal long bang for ears, having divided it it is strict on the center, and to cover from above with hair. Stylish and playfully the chelochka braided in braid and laid along forehead looks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team