Circles under eyes: how quickly to cope with problem

Circles under eyes: how quickly to cope with problem

Unfortunately, our person not always is in ideal form. Circles under eyes are capable to spoil appearance. To cope with this illness quickly perhaps if to take some simple advice and recommendations.

1. Try to go to bed in time. Sound and healthy sleep will do you only good. At the same time you should not drink a lot of liquid for the night, most likely owing to its congestion the eyelids will swell. Before going to bed well air the room. Thus, you will also sleep stronger, and exchange processes will go more intensively.

2. Surely consult with the expert if circles under eyes - the frequent phenomenon on your face. It serves frequent the reason of appearance of this illness lack of oxygen of organism. It can be one of symptoms of violation of cardiovascular activity. In this case you will not be helped by modern cosmetics and recipes of traditional medicine. Treatment to you will be appointed by the attending physician.

3. If with your organism everything is all right and as the reason of emergence of circles under eyes serves the weariness and sleep debt, ask for the help the cosmetologist. In many salons can offer you the procedure of hardware massage today. It effectively stimulates outflow of excess liquid from problem places. Having performed one such procedure, you considerably feel difference. And, having completed full course, the problem of circles under eyes will be solved.

4. Try to choose for yourself modern cosmetic. Many cream, presented today on counters of shops, are capable not only to eliminate hypostases, but also have the moistening and tightening effect. Attentively study the label. Give preference to cosmetics with caffeine content, it improves tone, removes excess liquid and stimulates exchange processes. Hyaluronic acid has the moistening effect, promotes blood circulation. Collagen does skin of more elastic and tightens it. Manganese helps to get rid of dark circles. Extract of green tea eliminates hypostases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team