Clarification of hair for brunettes

Clarification of hair for brunettes

Dark hair with great difficulty give in to clarification. At least in house conditions by means of make-shifts it will hardly manage to be carried out. To receive visible result, it is necessary to resort to the help of chemistry.


  1. It is necessary blondes easier in this life. This statement, in particular, is fair if it comes to clarification of hair. At will by means of available products like lemon or baking powder they can become couple tones more white. At most, what will turn out at the same time at the brunette, hair will grow dull, perhaps, will even become fragile, but as for color, everything will remain without any changes. Only special reagents can help them. Process of preparation them, drawings and also the correct hold time are so not simple that it is better to entrust the procedure to the professional.
  2. What definitely does not need to be done - to try to clarify independently before already dyed hair. Almost all dark paints incorporate red pigment. Can happen that the blondiruyushchy structure after all will cope with natural color, but the substances which have eaten in hair during last coloring will give such inexpressible color that instead of white locks it will turn out is red - brown shock.
  3. Paint "ashy blond" will help to avoid reddishness, the green pigment is its part. To you it is not necessary to be frightened the fact that hair will become green. The green range absorbs red, in the decolouring structure it so is not enough that is enough for suppression of red shade and only. Hair become fair or even white.
  4. And the best way to clarify dark hair is highlighting. It should be done in hairdressing salon too, but it is possible to make also at home if is whom to ask for the help, for example, to the husband or the girlfriend. White locks in hairstyle of the brunette look quite naturally, the it will be more of them, the will be lighter to seem the general background. And the main advantage of highlighting before full decolorization is that the roots which have begun to grow (and they will appear literally in couple of days) will quite harmoniously fit into the created image. But also in this case you should not be fond of contrast. To girls and women with black hair the light brown locks will go much more, than absolute blond. The turned-out image will look more naturally and interestingly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team