Clarification of skin in house conditions - simple councils

Clarification of skin in house conditions - simple councils

Clarification of skin in house conditions - quite effective procedure. To spend skin clarification at home, you need a little time and desires, and ingredients will be the simplest

Pure, healthy leather – dream of any woman. But here not everyone can achieve it. Certainly, it is possible to address experts and to carry out expensive saloon procedures, however clarification of skin in house conditions will cost to you considerably cheaper.

How to spend face peel at home

If you have decided to carry out clarification of skin to house conditions, then it is very important to follow two rules:

  • all procedures need to be carried out only on pure leather and carefully washed up hands;
  • in the presence of inflammations, heat-spots or skin diseases it is necessary to refuse cleaning.

For a start it is necessary to steam out face that time has revealed. Boil pan of water and bend it is necessary to it, having thrown with towel the head so that steam did not come out. It is necessary to do steam bath not less than a quarter of hour. With water it is possible to add medicative herbs for increase in effect to pan.

After skin steaming when time has enough extended, it is possible to start direct face cleansing. There are two options: peeling or mechanical cleaning. The peeling is clarification of skin by means of cosmetics – srubs, for example. Mechanical cleaning is removal of black dots expression.

At expression of black dots it is obligatory to grease periodically face with hydrogen peroxide to prevent hit during the opened time of new pollution. If you have decided on such procedure as expression, then try not to press on skin nails – there can be traces or even small shramik. If the black dot is not squeezed out at once, then it is better to leave it to next time.

In completion of the procedure of house clarification of skin it is necessary to make mask which will narrow pores and will make skin of more elastic.

Simple recipes for house clarificationLet's provide several simple recipes for house clarification. The srub from salt and coffee is very simple in preparation. For its preparation you need tablespoon of ground coffee (or coffee thick) and teaspoon of the large dining room or sea salt. If you have oily skin, then it is necessary to add a little water and tablespoon of natural yogurt to components, at dry skin – on one tablespoon of milk and sour creams and a little olive oil. Carefully mix components and you apply to skin the easy massing movements, and then wash away warmish water.

From all masks for skin of the most universal the mask from clay is. To make it very simply – dissolve clay with water to consistence of sour cream and put on face. When clay a little dries up, can mass skin the fingers moistened in water or just wash away it warm water. Clay is selected depending on your type of skin – you can specify details on packing of product. Black clay suits all, but has the extending effect and after such masks undesirable heat-spots and rashes can develop. However after several applications everything passes and skin becomes gentle and smooth.

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