Cleaning of problem skin by means of the vacuum sparing cleaner

Cleaning of problem skin by means of the vacuum sparing cleaner

For the sparing cleaning of problem skin the special device – vacuum cleaner is designed. The principle of its action is simple: the device extends dirt and fat from time. But not everything is so simple in its use: that when holding procedure skin was as little as possible injured, it needs to be prepared properly.

For cleaning of problem face zones it is possible to use cosmetology novelty – vacuum cleaner of time. It was developed especially for removal of grease traffic jams and dirt on skin with the increased secretion of seborin. It is, as a rule, zone of forehead, nose and chin. It can be used and as the lymphatic drainage massager for removal of hypostases.

The principle of operation of the device reminds effect of medical can: the device is capable to create negative pressure between the surface of skin and the working surface thanks to what there is pulling of pollution from time. There are some more good points: there is no risk of emergence of inflammatory processes, cleaning is carried out most delicately, microblood circulation becomes active, the skin tone raises, toxins are removed – the complexion improves.

Everything can use vacuum cleaner of time who has problem skin. He is recommended and to teenagers.

If skin sensitive, before its cleaning it is necessary to check operation of the device on any small site. If there was reddening which is not taking place within several hours or irritation, so it is not necessary to use the device.

Now vacuum cleaners are produced by two producers: Gezatone (France) and Panasonic (Japan). The first makes the SuperCleaner and Super Wet Cleaner models. These devices well cope with eels and black dots. There are enough several procedures that face skin has considerably changed to the best: became cleaner, healthy and elastic. Vacuum devices are compact, the power supply for them – the battery. Devices of any model consist of the soaking-up nozzle. It is made with two working surfaces that allows to use it to someone else, observing at the same time all requirements of hygiene.

The Super Wet Cleaner model is intended for especially delicate cleaning with use of special cosmetics. Therefore the device has capacity to which the liquid removed from skin during its work comes.

The Japanese devices can work in two modes: dry and damp. There are models equipped with microspray. At these devices soaking up nozzles most densely adjoins to skin that allows to process its most difficult sites (for example, nose wings). Vacuum face peel, despite all its care, everything is stress for skin. It will react to intervention: at least within several hours after completion of the procedure the easy reddening will be observed. Therefore you should not put in order face by means of this method on the eve of the important actions. Vacuum cleaning can be carried out not only in beauty shop, but also at home. But it is necessary to know that this method is contraindicated to those, who have thin dry skin or there is predisposition to couperosis. It is impossible to use the device if on face there are inflamed pimples and acne: it can aggravate situation. Therefore producers of devices recommend to use them with knowledge of features of the skin and contraindications to use of the device.

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