Cocoa butter from wrinkles

Cocoa butter from wrinkles

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Cocoa butter helps to eliminate wrinkles on the face not worse, than expensive cream with collagen and Retinolum. It is possible to make cosmetics on the basis of natural component in house conditions.

Why cocoa butter is effective

Nutrients and a number of vitamins are part of oil. Fatty acids activate lipidic exchange, increase protective functions, normalize complexion and also perfectly eliminate dryness.

Vitamins E and To remove inflammation, smooth roughnesses, promote rejuvenation. In addition they softly level tone, eliminating the expressed pigmentation.

Phytosterols promote slowing down of processes of aging and also render the expressed rejuvenating effect. Rather often phytosterols add to anti-aging creams.

How to use cocoa butter

On the basis of cocoa it is possible to make night cream. Kindle 1 tablespoons of oil on water bath, add 1 tsp jojoba and 3 tablespoons of olive. Carefully mix, remove from fire and add radio extract of sandal-wood tree – enough 2 drops. You keep the received structure in the fridge, use before going to bed. As the emergency help to the withering skin it is possible to use mask on the basis of cocoa butter. Mix butter of cocoa and grape seeds in equal proportions, put on water bath. As soon as mass becomes homogeneous, remove from fire, add 1 tsp of pulp of aloe. You put the received mix on the cleaned face, wash away in 15 minutes. It is possible to use mask several times a week. If you want to purify leather from dead cells of epithelium, place cocoa butter in the enameled capacity, melt, add 1 tablespoon of honey. Crush oat flakes and mix them with the turned-out weight. The quiet massing movements put on the moistened face, later wash away. If lips were weather-beaten, balm will help. Take 1 tsp of beeswax and as much cocoa butter. Kindle on water bath, add 2 tablespoons of wheat germ oil and mix. Put weight in small jar and cool in the fridge.


It should be noted that on cocoa butter very often there are allergic reactions therefore means with it need to be used very carefully. Carry out the sensitivity test, having applied small amount of oil on elbow bend. If in a day there is no rash or reddening, then the structure can be applied. Quality cocoa butter cannot have the low cost as the technology of its production demands essential expenses. Do not make purchase if the price remains at suspiciously low level.

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