Cocoa butter in cosmetology: how to use

Cocoa butter in cosmetology: how to use

The nature has given to women huge number of the products capable to prolong their youth and beauty. Cocoa butter in cosmetology is not accidentally widely applied – it is added to masks and hair and face creams. For similar therapy it is not necessary to go to salon as the product is available to house procedures.

House masks on the basis of cocoa butter were to the taste to many women from 20 to 50 years. Not surprisingly, they possess not only cosmetic, but also medical action.

What represents this product

It is not necessary to confuse cocoa butter with chocolate substance. In pure form it white, light yellow or brownish. Has pleasant chocolate aroma.

At temperature of 16 degrees becomes firm and brittle. Temperature of melting of product – 32 wasps, i.e. at contact with skin, it turns into liquid weight. When heating to 40 wasps becomes transparent and reminds melted butter.

The product for 70% consists of olein and stearin acids. Other 30% are palmitic and lauric acids and also linoleic and arachidic in insignificant quantity.

Impact on skin

Cocoa butter in cosmetology is used for recovery of the dehydrated dry skin and also elimination of mimic wrinkles. The product has extremely useful effect on mature epidermis, saturating with moisture and returning elasticity. Besides cocoa oil is shown for care for eye area, skin of lips and hair. For young girls the similar therapy is recommended during the winter period when skin is shelled and reddens from frost. Besides, cocoa butter is effective in fight against acne rash, old ospinka, scars, hems, freckles and pigmental spots.

National recipes which are not inferior to professional

Substance for care for head of hear is prepared in large number and is stored from the procedure to the procedure in glasswares. Production of mix will require 100 g of cocoa of oil, 15 dessertspoons of oil of root of burdock, 15 drops of Retinolum of acetate and 10 drops of oil solution of vitamin E. At first it is required to kindle cocoa butter on water bath, then to accurately enter into it other components. Homogeneous mass needs to be poured out in glass capacity and to cool within half an hour. To distribute dense substance on roots of hair, to rub and comb on all length. To leave under polyethylene cap for 1 hour. To wash up the head as usual. House masks on the basis of cocoa butter are especially effective in combination with fresh juice of aloe. To mix the oil kindled by cocoa with oil of grape seeds and pulp of aloe (1:3:3). To apply to skin in warm look, to hold at least a quarter of hour. For sensitive skin it is worth preparing cream on the basis of cocoa of oil, lanolin and vaseline. Ingredients undertake at the rate of 3:1:2. To slowly warm all components on water bath before formation of homogeneous mass. Then to pour in 9 parts of pink water and to shake up mix the mixer. To store in glass. Also for dry skin house srubs are good. It is necessary to add the crushed crude nutlets, oatmeal to the kindled cocoa butter and it is a little honey.

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