Coconut body and face oil

Coconut body and face oil

has come the long-awaited summer, and together with it and aggressive influence of sunshine. How to protect the body from the sun and to keep health of skin?

What gives coconut body oil:

– moistening and nutrition;

– protection against sunshine;

– ideal suntan;

– interferes with emergence of extensions;

– massage with use of oil weakens and gives the romantic atmosphere;

– cools skin;

– removes spasm of muscles;

– prevention of skin diseases;

– it is possible to use after shower instead of lotion;

– it is possible to use as cream for and after shaving;

– the moistening srub;

– protection against cold;

– it is used for healthy and smooth nails;

– it is absorbed quickly, it is not necessary to remove surplus;

– treats burns;

– heals small wounds;

– kills pain from solar burn;

– if you take bath, add oil droplet to water since it is used against strapped and dry skin.

Oil from coco is universal in application. But its main property, this moistening. You should not be spent for acquisition of expensive creams, lotions since it is possible just to buy coconut oil. It will replace fully all other means.

If you gather in holiday, then take couple of small bottles of oil. Use every day before exit to the beach. At the end of holiday you will gain equal and beautiful suntan which can envy. Consider! At coconut oil small factor of protection against the sun. Therefore apply also sunblock cream. Oil will also protect from hard water.

Do you want to enhance the rejuvenating effect? It is possible to add liquid vitamin E. Oil in itself contains this vitamin, but it is possible to increase its contents a little.

For all recently given rise! Use coconut breast and body oil. It will help to recover quicker skin and to tighten belt. Prevents extensions. Also it can be applied on nipples, it will save them from crackling.

House Spa can be organized by means of coconut oil. Massage with warm oil will ship in the relax identical to Spa. Addition of essential oils is welcomed. Such massage renders not only physical effect, but also psychological. Reduces stress, aggression, slackness and fatigue. If used a lot of oil and it was not absorbed at massage, then just take shower.

It can be put even to children. It does not cause allergy, will help to remove negative effect of diapers and will protect gentle children's skin.

Applying coconut oil, it is possible to refuse chemical means practically. It will save the budget and will support health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team