Coloring of hair: fashion trends

Coloring of hair: fashion trends

For women coloring of hair quite usual thing but for this reason the result so quickly bothers. The monotone is almost comparable monotony. The kolorirovaniye, the special equipment which will always help to remain different will help to change this situation.

Coloring allows to paint hair in several flowers at once. And the result looks very naturally and this way helps not only to change, but also to visually increase hairstyle volume, to give to the face of bigger clearness and even to look younger. Masters use from 2 to 15 flowers, following certain color scheme.

Hair divide into several zones which sort on lock. After that paint average share right color. From it do gradual contrast changes on the subsequent locks towards lightening or blackout of hair. Such way of coloring exists for a long time and has managed to prove well. But nothing does not stand still and the kolorirovaniye will be improved by new fashionable technicians who incredibly change women.


The popular equipment of kolorirovaniye to ombra has won huge popularity because of use of this method the Hollywood stars. It is two-phase way of coloring which smoothly washes away limit of tones in the horizontal direction. Usually from above there is natural color which gradually changes tone below, and on tips becomes the most saturated. Especially to ombra shows to advantage on dark hair when locks seem burned out in the sun. Sometimes the sharp contrast between roots and tips does not become. And to change appearance, kolorirut only bottom. For example, to nutbrown hair select nut and coffee shade that guarantees gloss and versatility of color.


Fashionable way of coloring in dark color, with creation of natural light locks. The difficult method which is carried out in several stages which allows to make not only many-sided shades but also allows to keep appearance of hair brilliant and well-groomed. It is promoted by application of the painting means without ammonia. The equipment reminds highlighting a little, the difference consists in use of several tones which are smoothly flowing each other. Natural color is shaded for its more contrast and healthy look. As a result hair are beautifully poured, and the girl can safely consider herself both the blonde, and the brunette.


For courageous and excentric girls the way of drawing the drawing on hair is developed. If you are not frightened by bright and unusual colors, use this service. At first hair paint in primary color. Then by means of cliche apply the necessary image. It should be noted that such equipment demands ideal execution therefore choose only well proved professional.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team