Complications after piercing

Complications after piercing

Piercing is called creation of the puncture intended for wearing jewelry in any given part of body. Long time to the most widespread, and in many countries the only type of piercing was piercing of ears for wearing earrings, but also other types of piercing have become widespread now.

Today any more nobody is surprised by availability of earring in nose, on lip, in navel or in language at the woman or even for the man. Deciding on such decoration of own body, many consider it harmless entertainment. Meanwhile, piercing is fraught with very serious complications.

Possible complications

The main danger is connected with non-compliance with sanitary and hygienic rules in piercing salons. Blood poisoning, tetanus and even venereal diseases, especially at piercing of genitals can become payment for the client of such salon.

Piercing of any part of body has special reefs. Despite prevalence and habitualness of piercing of ears, its consequences can be unpredictable. On auricle biologically active points connected with different bodies are located. Cases when piercing of ear led to impairment of sight, hearing, digestion and other frustration are known. Blood poisoning is especially dangerous if nose piercing was its source: from nasolabial triangle the infection easily extends to brain. Infection in this case is almost inevitable if the person has got sick with cold before the wound has healed. Inflammation often meets the subsequent blood poisoning also at navel piercing. Besides, there can be hem or consolidation of skin. Nipple piercing can have the same consequences. Feeding by breast in the future will become impossible. Piercing of language can lead to partial or even full loss of flavoring feelings. Other unpleasant consequence – the muffled speech. Cases when during sleep ornament was undone are also known and got into windpipe therefore the person died in dream. Piercing of lip threatens with developing of fistula. Less dangerous, but unpleasant consequence – spontaneous outflow of saliva.

Precautionary measures

Absolutely safe piercing does not happen, it needs to be realized, being solved on such procedure. But if after all to do piercing, it is necessary to minimize risk. Piercing is contraindicated to the people having blood diseases, cystous eels, eczema, allergy and also pregnant women and the feeding women. Nose piercing is contraindicated to people with small nostrils. The procedure should be postponed if temperature is increased. The salon needs to be chosen carefully. It is necessary to be convinced that all sanitary standards and standards in this salon are observed. The expert doing piercing has to have the license. The client should prick up the ears if in salon he was asked on the state of health and have not told about possible consequences of piercing. Ornament has to be made of gold 584 or 750 of test, surgical steel 300 of test, ivory, the titan. Jewelry of titanium has to have tag of the international standard: Ti6AL 4Veli. The wound needs to be processed daily disinfecting solution, at language piercing – to rinse mouth. The nose before full healing cannot be wiped scarf. At piercing of language it is impossible to eat sharp, acid, hot or too cold, alcoholic beverages should be excluded before healing of puncture too. After pricking of navel 2-3 days it is not necessary to bend. Before healing it is impossible to play sports, especially it concerns exercises for abdominal press. From visit of bath, the pool, sauna it is necessary to refuse. It is impossible to wear woolen or too close clothes. If in the field of puncture the reddening and pain are observed, it is necessary to see doctor immediately. It is not recommended to take off at the same time ornament independently, the expert has to make it.

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