Correct neck care and zone of decollete

Correct neck care and zone of decollete

Many people underestimate neck care and zone of decollete though these parts of the body demand it just as face skin. The effect usually consists in presenilation and loss of elasticity which only worsen over time.

House cosmetics — the key to success thanks to which the beautiful and young image for a long time remains.

Very often skin of neck and in the field of decollete is irritated. Some women do not realize at all as far as she is sensitive - actually, can be damaged at contact with the rough or biting material — for example, in polo-neck, sweater or shawl and also at sock of sharp beads or chains.

In addition to these less obvious factors, of course, at there are also well-known — external, such as sunlight, frost or environmental pollution, and internal, such as smoking, abuse of alcohol, etc.

How to tone up neck and decollete? The correct leaving do not demand great efforts or time. Everything that is necessary - it is to conform to several golden rules:

  • Not to wash these parts of body with usual soap — to use the gels or other cosmetics intended for washing of the person.
  • To avoid strong cleaning — to refuse abrasive sponge. For peeling of the died-off cages to use peeling — the same which is intended for the person.
  • To apply the moisturizing or nutritious creams every day. 
  • To pay attention to how it is correct to apply cream — to try to watch the course of muscles, from below up on neck and from the center to shoulders nv areas of zone of decollete.
  • To systematically carry out simple exercises which will improve not only condition of skin, but also muscles, for example - to move jaw as if biting it, to incline the head clenching teeth back, then (constantly squeezing) to incline the head and for moment to stop in this situation. It being necessary to carry out both exercises.
  • To find minute gently to massage independently (remembering the right direction of the movement — for example, when putting cream) or to visit professional salon. It is also great way to relax.
  • Avoid the rough and fitting clothes — for daily use, choose soft materials and free cuts.

House SPA or how to tone up neck and decollete in house conditions

In addition to standard daily leaving, it is worth finding time for more complex treatment, at least, once a week that will allow to care for beautiful and healthy appearance completely. It is the best of all to begin house SPA with bathtub which will soften skin and at the same time will allow to relax. It is possible to enrich it with additional ingredients, such as grass infusions, natural vegetable oils or different types of salts. The next stage is the peeling which deletes dead skin and forces skin to acquire nutrients better. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team