Correct shaving of legs

Correct shaving of legs

It is no secret, that for men, besides beautiful breast and buttocks, one of the most attractive parts of body of the woman are legs. Of course, they have to not only to look beautifully, but also to be pleasant and silky to the touch. Unfortunately, the nature has not deprived the woman of indumentum and it is necessary to make all life efforts always to be on the ball, bragging of smooth skin.

Today there is set of ways of removal of undesirable hair, but not all suit most of girls for various reasons. The simplest and available method of removal of indumentum is shaving by the machine.

Its only minus — the fact that this procedure needs to be done rather often, unlike wax or laser epilation. But it is possible to distinguish opportunity to do epilation in house conditions and also byudzhetnost and simplicity of the procedure from advantages.

It would seem that all know how it is correct to shave legs, but it appears there are several obligatory steps which will help to achieve the maximum effect of velvety skin, without injuring it.

Step No. 1. Before the procedure, skin needs to be steamed out and saturated with moisture well. It can be acceptance of shower or bathtub. Then it is desirable to use body scrub to clean and remove devitalized particles of skin.

Step No. 2. Drawing means for shaving. It is strictly forbidden to use soap which very much overdries skin. The modern market offers set of special products for shaving — skins and gels.

Step No. 3. Shaving by the machine. It is important to pick up the machine which suits you, it is also necessary to watch that edges remained fine and were not damaged. Movements have to be smooth, not mentioning one zone it is more than two times in order to avoid emergence of irritation.

Step No. 4. At the end it is necessary to moisturize the skin special aftershave lotion or usual cream.

The main thing is not to make such mistakes as shaving by dull edge on dry skin or use of soap.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team