Cosmetologists about use of almond oil for strengthening of hair and nails

Cosmetologists about use of almond oil for strengthening of hair and nails

oil is extracted from sweet and bitter almonds by pressing method. It has many useful properties: saves from dry and split ends, gives to hair softness, helps to strengthen nails and to look after them.

Masks on the basis of almond oil are suitable for all types of hair: dry, fat, normal and even painted. The mask with oat-flakes and oil possesses very good action. For its preparation mix 2 tablespoons of almond oil, 1 tablespoon of milk and 1 tablespoon of ground oat-flakes. Apply mix on hair, massage, leave for half an hour. Components have the excellent restoring effect. The mask especially suits those who have the hair injured after chemical wave.

If you are disturbed by dandruff, irritation and itch of head skin, make mask with use of juice of aloe. Mix pulp of leaves of aloe, juice and almond oil in equal proportions. Distribute mix on all length, and in 20 minutes wash away warm water.

In order that almond oil has not turned rancid, it needs to be stored in the dark and cool place. The open jar is not stored more than one year.

If you have dry hair, the mask with egg will return them softness and will make obedient. Mix 1 tablespoon of almond oil and two chicken yolks. Rub mix in head skin and distribute on hair. In 30 minutes wash up hair cool water.

If you do not like to wash away oil masks from hair, add almond oil to shampoo. Will be half of cap enough. Oil will protect hair from aggressive influence of shampoo. Almond oil is known not only masks for hair. With it it is possible to carry out combing. Apply almond oil on wooden crest and brush with it hair. It is possible to repeat the procedure several times a day.

It is possible to enrich with almond oil hand cream perfectly. In the beginning squeeze out portion of cream, then add to it several drops of oil. Rub cream not only in skin, but also in nail plates.

Almond oil can be used not only for dry, but also for oily hair. It is easy and nutritious. It can be applied with success during massage of the head. Cosmetologists advise to perform the procedure so: in the beginning warm oil and dip in it finger-tips. Then incline the head down and mass skin two hands at once. Perform the procedure for hour before washing of the head. Oil will give to hair force, will prevent fragility and appearance of dandruff. Massage strengthens blood circulation. As a result growth of hair amplifies. Cosmetologists recommend almond oil for strengthening of nails. It contains many vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which the surface of nail needs. You can just apply oil on cuticle and area around nail. For intensive restoration rub oil several times a day. It is useful to do oil nail baths. For this purpose drip several drops of oil in warm water and lower in it finger-tips. After such procedure it is possible to carry out manicure. The night mask from almond oil will be useful to dry skin of hands. Apply oil on hands. At the same time pay special attention to nails. Then put on thin cotton gloves hands and you go to bed. Look after nails and cuticle by means of oil regularly. Then you by all means will notice positive effect: nails will begin to look better, their growth will accelerate, and stratifying will cease to disturb.

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