Councils for appearance from the cosmetologist Jenifer Lopez

Councils for appearance from the cosmetologist Jenifer Lopez

Harold Lanser, the doctor can precisely be trusted the dermatologist-cosmetologist to whom the persons Jenifer Lopez and Scarlett Johansson trust.


1. You put the moistening means within 60 seconds after washing.

2. Do not clench teeth; if you know for yourself habit to grind teeth in dream, buy special soft kappa, and over time the habit will disappear.

3. Do not take alcohol before visit of the cosmetologist, otherwise you are waited well by very painful procedures.

4. Before swimming in the sea or the pool with the chlorinated water, wet hair usual drinking water. It will protect them from negative impacts.

5. If have burned, use fat sour cream instead of cream.

6. You put means of type of foundation or face toner with hands.

7. Surely use base under make-up.

8. If you had suddenly had irritation on face, wash shampoo from dandruff.

9. Use shaving on dry skin, previously having steamed out and properly otskrabiv the site for shaving.

10. Completely to wash out hair after total quantity of skins-mousses-gels, add spoon of baking soda to shampoo and wash up this mix hair.

11. Toothbrushing immediately after awakening is capable to save you from the majority of problems with skin.

12. Take shower and wash water only of room temperature. First inconveniently, but over time you get used, and your skin will tell you thanks.

13. Use day cream with SPF, and tone choose without this filter. Ideally - VV or the CC cream.

14. Coconut oil will replace to you face pack, body cream and hair preparation.

15. Once a week live day without use of decorative cosmetics: only clarification, moistening, food and protection.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team