Councils for the correct care for face skin

Councils for the correct care for face skin

Seldom who can brag of the beautiful healthy skin which is not demanding any leaving. Usually we carry systematically out certain sequence of procedures to help our skin to fight against external influences and always to remain elastic and elastic. Clarification, toning, moistening and nutrition – here four important steps on the way to well-groomed skin. When choosing system of leaving it is important to consider set of factors, such as age, skin type, season and many others.


1. OchishchenieEto the most important stage in face care. Every day we wash face in the morning and in the evening. When choosing means of clarification it is important to consider type your skin. It is not necessary to use soap as it is capable to overdry skin for clarification and to break its acid-base balance. Also do not abuse aggressive means for clarification. They can provoke irritation and the increased sebaceous secretion. Many owners of problem skin make big mistake, trying to purify skin more often than it is necessary. Also there is opinion that tap water is not suitable for clarification of the person as contains the hazardous substances capable to make adverse effect on skin. Special attention should be paid to removal of make-up from eyes. Eyelids represent especially sensitive and gentle site of face skin. Apply the means which are only specially intended for their clarification. There is enough washing by plain water without application of the cleaning means in the morning. Water temperature when washing should not be too high or low. Choose the optimum temperature which will not allow you to feel discomfort.

2. Tonizirovaniyeispolzuya tonic, you will help skin to get rid of those pollution with which means for clarification has not coped. Tonic will also help to restore acid-base balance and to moisturize the skin. Also means is applied to tightening of time. It is important that tonic did not contain alcohol, otherwise you can overdry skin.

3. UvlazhnenieEto the most key stage in skin care. Regardless of its type it is necessary to moisten surely it before drawing make-up. Moistening of skin allows to make it soft and protected. Forming protective coating on skin, cream protects it from moisture loss. The main thing in the course of moistening is not to be overzealous with the moistening means, otherwise you can receive as a result the hammered time. Also do not forget about need of use of cream for century as skin around eyes especially sensitive and functions differently, than other face skin. Draw the attention to factor of protection against the sun of your moistening means. Harmful effects of sunshine are one of basic reasons of formation of wrinkles.

4. PitanieChem we become more senior, the more our skin needs additional food. Night nutritious cream enriches skin with nutrients while you sleep. In the choice of nutritious means you do not chase expensive creams. It is the best of all if you pick up one quality cream, and in 2-3 months replace it with another. The main thing, do not forget that the most effective food for your skin is food from within. Eat healthy food, accept vitamins, pay special attention to intake of healthy food for breakfast, and your skin will begin to shine health!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team