Cult aromas of Chanel

Cult aromas of Chanel

The name of Chanel is synonym of classical elegance and femininity in spite of the fact that, in fact, Gabrielle Chanel was revolutionary and violated all possible rules. However for this reason in our consciousness it with firmness is associated with indestructible laws of fashion and style to which millions of women follow. Handbags become cult objects, powders and of course spirits – during every era the well-known fashion house gave to customers aroma which instantly became the whole era in perfumery.

Chanel No. 5 is reference point of all modern perfumery, practically standard which calibrates harmony and beauty of perfumery composition. Story about how in 1921 the sample of fragrant mix numbered by favourite number of Coco Chanel became legend, is known, probably, to each woman. Cold and transparent as the Alpine lake, bouquet of the Grasse rose, jasmine and aldehydes it is difficult to tame, but it is difficult to exchange the magnetism generated by Five for something more appeasable and available. The love with it really becomes eternal.

Chanel No. 19 which has left in concentration spirits in 1970 – one more number aroma, so contradictory, how fine. Perfume belongs to family of green shipr, the bouquet from rose, iris, moss and vetiver can be dry and bitter, and can – damp and sweet, fragrant as pink bush after rain. By the way, and the most suitable weather for Chanel No. 19 – soft cool or easy frost in which the aroma becomes just crystal. This perfume – the introvert who does not need to prove the value as it is obvious.

Modern women have received in the undivided possession new fetish – one more shipr, based on note patchouli, Coco Mademoiselle. It has united classical shrill odorousness of all aromas of the house of Chanel, but in it it is more adapted for olfactory perception of our days. At the same time, all this the same capricious Great Mademoiselle – in some hands rather on one wrist, it will reveal in all magnificence of favourite rose from Grass, and in other case – crude vault artful patchouli.

Separately It is necessary to tell about the whole cult series - Les Exclusifs de Chanel. Number of the republished Chanel's creations the 20th of the 20th century and several new compositions created in the best traditions of fashion house enters ruler.

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