Deodorant the hands from natural ingredients

Deodorant the hands from natural ingredients

Daily use of deodorants and antiperspirants for the modern person became important element of hygienic procedures for a long time. However producers quite often include the noxious to health substances capable to collect in cells of fabrics in structure of deodorants. Safe alternative to these means is the deodorant prepared by the hands from natural components.

Advantages of house deodorants are obvious: they do not contain the substances blocking work of sweat glands; in them the components causing allergy and failures in work of internals are not used; such deodorants do not do harm to the environment.

The good house deodorant performs the same functions, as store products, but at the same time consist of the natural ingredients playing role of absorbent, converter of smell, antibacterial components and fragrance.

Production of firm deodorant for normal skin

Mix from 50 g of baking soda and the same amount of corn starch acts as basis of firm deodorant. In the received mix accurately pour in 3 tablespoons of the coconut oil which is warmed up on water bath.

For people with sensitive skin it is recommended to reduce amount of soda and to increase starch content in proportion 1:3.

Until mix has stiffened, add 10-12 drops of the tea tree oil well-known for the antibacterial and antifungal properties to it.

If desired the deodorant can be flavored the essential oil of lemon or any other ether which is harmoniously combined with smell of tea tree oil.

Ready mix is shifted in empty container from old deodorant and left before full hardening. The deodorant is recommended to be stored in the fridge or any other cool place.

In case of lack of empty container, mix can be rolled in dense ball or to give it the cubic form.

Firm problem and very sensitive skin deodorant

Such deodorant not only well fulfills the direct purpose, but also promotes elimination of inflammations on skin, to healing of small cuts after shaving of armpits.

For preparation of deodorant mix dessertspoon of corn starch with two teaspoons of soda. On water bath kindle 20 g of beeswax, 15 g of coconut oil, 15 g of oil of cedar and 10 g of shea butter.

Warm oils pour in dry mix and carefully mix before receiving homogenous mixture. After mix a little cools down, it is flavored by means of 10-15 drops of essential oil of palmarose or rosemary.

In order that the deodorant effectively softened and calmed the angry skin, giving it smoothness and silkiness, it is recommended to add 8 g of stearic acid to mix.

This component belongs to fat phase of product therefore add it to the general mix at stage of warming up of oils.

The ready deodorant is placed in empty container and left in the cool place before full hardening.

Liquid natural deodorant

Preparation of the jellylike deodorant meeting in industrial option in bottles with roller requires number of ingredients which without effort can be found in shops for soap manufacture and preparation of handmade cosmetics.

The following belongs to obligatory components:

  • aluminum alum – 5 g;
  • the distilled water – 50 ml;
  • glycerin – 5 ml;
  • thickener (lecithin, agar-agar, guar, xanthan) – 1 g.

Additional components:

  • pink flower water or any other hydrolat – 10 ml;
  • extract or juice of aloe – 6 ml;
  • essential oil with favourite aroma – 15-20 drops;
  • vitamin E (natural preservative) – 2 tsps.

Aluminum alum fills in with the distilled water and when stirring heats on water bath to full dissolution of crystals. Without removing preparation from bath, add hydrolat and thickener to it, carefully mix.

After full dissolution of thickener add all other components to preparation, entering essential oils into the last turn.

Ready weight is mixed once again, shaken up nimbus and poured in empty bottle from industrial deodorant.

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