Design of black nails: interesting ideas

Design of black nails: interesting ideas

Black nail varnish — one of fashionable trends of season. Elegant manicure in dark tones approaches different dresses and looks very effectively. Besides, color is so universal that with it it is possible to create infinite number of variations of manicure for different styles.

The French manicure in black

Traditionally French manicure repeats natural color of nail (pink plate and white tip). But in black color it looks very originally. Designers offer several effective options of service jacket:

  • The nail plate is painted by transparent varnish, and nail tip - in black tone. Such manicure will perfectly add image in casual style or strict dress in official style.
  • All nail has opaque black covering, and the tip is painted by glossy varnish of the same tone. This option is very elegant and can be used for evening image;
  • Effective lunar manicure when the monophonic covering in one of shades of black is combined with pink half moon on contour of nail bed, and for strengthening of effect on edge of hole rhinestones give all the best or the golden border becomes. In new season the elegant lunar design in the popularity overtakes classical French option.

Gold scattering on black

Various gold patterns, strips and stains on black look very beautifully and do image really magnificent. To decorate with the easiest way nails — to paste on the nail plate painted in black, golden laid on details (it can be flowers, butterflies or labels of the known brands). Manicure with use of the golden spangles framed with black frame became very popular.

Geometrical patterns

Bright options for young and impudent — to draw multi-colored geometrical patterns on black background. It is easy way to make manicure unique. Strips can be contrast shades: pink, red, green or yellow. Also on black background the geometrical drawings executed by white varnish remarkably look and it is possible to allocate as one nail, and to draw drawings on all nail plates.

Glam rock with black marigold

At black color set of shades. If to paint nail plates different tone of this elegant color and on one of fingers to paste black rhinestones with sharp sides or thorns in tone of basis, then all image will gain special piquancy. The nail for performance of such neyl-design has to be long, and its form - pointed.

Just space

Expressive black color is associated with space. It is possible to use quite the idea to create the small galaxy on marigold and to draw on black background of star or the planet. Neyl-didarlings looks such incredibly effectively.

Animalistic neyl-art in black color

The animalistic subject and drawings reminding color of skin of animals are fashionable already several seasons. Such manicure provocatively looks. However, if to execute its monochrome, but to use glossy and opaque varnishes in one black tone, then such ornament quite will be suitable also for daily image.

For creation of design it is necessary to apply matt lacquer on all surface of nail and after it completely dries to draw with glossy varnish of strip, as on skin of zebra, or spot as body of leopard.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team