Diet for pregnant women for every day

Diet for pregnant women for every day

- the special period in life of each woman and her kid. At this time a lot of things have to be special, not such, as in other time. The woman has to find for the food a lot of time.

During pregnancy it is difficult to call food diet because the woman's food in such time has to contain many proteins, fats and carbohydrates of different origin. The main principle according to which it is worth selecting food for the pregnant woman - their good comprehensibility and variety of food. Such properties of products contribute to the full development of fruit.

Do not forget about desires: if suddenly future mother wanted to eat lemon, chalk or watermelon, then try that this desire was granted. Very often exactly thanks to such sudden desire the shortage of certain vitamins or substances for development of the child is shown. Surely consult with the doctor conducting your pregnancy, he can prompt that it is necessary to add to the daily diet.

What should be eaten

The menu of the pregnant woman has to include whenever possible every day: milk and dairy products, meat and fish, egg dishes, bread, pasta, fruit, berries and vegetables. It is never desirable to go to far in something one, combine and diversify the diet.

How often it is necessary to eat

In the first half of pregnancy, approximately till 18th week of incubation of fruit, it is worth eating 4 times a day. The most part of high-calorie food has to fall on breakfast and lunch, and it is slightly less for the second breakfast and dinner. After this term to pregnant women recommend to pass on five - or even six times food. In the smaller portions but to eat more often. It is desirable to drink water and too in the portions: not volley several glasses, and on several drinks for time.

The correct lunch of the pregnant woman has to consist of three different dishes, and experts say that also multi-colored.

Remember that to recover during pregnancy on 10-14 kg - it is normal therefore you should not try to lose weight or eat less, the figure can be restored also after pregnancy, and here the child needs food and development now. So, every day has to enter diet of future mother: - 100-120 g of protein (milk and fermented milk products); - 100 g of fats, and about 20 g of plant origin; - 300 g of carbohydrates (bread, flour products, fruit).

It is worth salting dishes for pregnant women a little, limit the use of salt to 5-6 g a day.

Exceptions of diet

It is desirable to exclude from the menu to pregnant ladies sharp and salty, newly-baked bread, strong tea and coffee, fast food. From the very first days to women alcohol and tobacco is contraindicated to pregnancy.

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