Difference of the trimmer from the razor

Difference of the trimmer from the razor

We live in such time when technologies do not stand still. Some new equipment is constantly manufactured. For example, if earlier the hairdresser had to work only with scissors, then now he can do hair by means of the trimmer or the machine. If you want to buy such device for house use, then it is important to understand difference of the trimmer from the razor.

The trimmer call adaptation allowing to depilate any part of body. It can be used for creation, for example, of intimate hairstyles. Additional nozzles allow to use the trimmer even as the electric razor. If to speak about the price, then it is much more expensive than the ordinary machine because of the compactness.

The machine for hairstyle is the such type of household appliances of the small size intended for disposal of hair on the head and giving of necessary form to them. Today there are such models which easily cope with hairstyle of beard and mustache. The machine can work directly from network or by means of batteries. Intended for house use.

The main difference of two of these devices from each other is their size and the price. The trimmer is more compact, small. It is good to take it in trip, travel or just to transfer in bag. Irreplaceable thing in campaign. The machine for hairstyle is much bigger on dimensions somewhere twice. But there are also its small types which are more reasonable for carrying to trimmers already. This device is more functional and powerful, has usually large number of nozzles for hairstyle of hair of any length. Because of the sizes and power publishes much more noise. If to compare accumulator expense at the machine and the trimmer, then the last eats not enough energy, so and it is enough for longer time. Anyway, it is necessary to look after both devices. To clean nozzles in water after each application, to oil edges, etc.

The trimmer it is impossible to shear too long and hard hair. In modern hairdressing salons often at first do the main work as the machine, and then make modeling by means of the small device. The small sizes the trimmer allows to depilate in the most hard-to-reach spots, for example, in nose, ears, intimate places, armpits. All unusual hairstyles and drawings become only of this Device combines in itself functions of the razor and the machine. There are trimmers of different types and for application in different conditions. Wire and wireless, with the USB charger, various nozzles. There are models which can be washed completely in water. Illumination is built in some – it allows to cut hair at the bad or absent lighting. In the majority of trimmers in addition, there is function of the depilator.

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