Disposal of extensions on breast

Disposal of extensions on breast

It is much simpler to prevent emergence of extensions, than to get rid of them later. They are formed against the background of the weakened tone of muscles and small elasticity of skin at its stretching. The reasons can be different – endocrine diseases, violations hormonal and, the most widespread, fast set of weight and its fast dumping (at pregnancy and feeding breast).

Ways of elimination of extensions

As soon as the first signs of emergence of extensions became noticeable, it is better at once to begin to work as at the initial stage it is possible to get rid of them easily in house conditions. Process includes the whole complex of procedures: massage, water procedures, change in diet and food, will not do also without use of cosmetics.


Distinguish two types of massage - it is Taoist and manual. They differ on technology of execution. Whatever look you have chosen - the main thing, it is necessary to avoid the rough and strengthened movements, strong intensity. It is necessary to be limited to easy strokings and grindings. You, of course, can address the professional massage therapist, but for the purpose of saving of time and material supplies the husband or mother can quite cope with this task.

Water procedures

The contrast shower in itself promotes increase in tone and strengthening of blood vessels. Water fills skin of breast, hips and other parts of the body with moisture which promotes cell regeneration and improvement of blood circulation. If during acceptance of bathtub to use aromatic oils and sea salt, it not only will improve condition of skin, but also will give delicate aroma to skin and will calm the loosened nerves. Also it is possible to tighten breast skin ice cubes, rubbing off it parts of the body few times in day.


Certainly, in drugstores and specialized shops huge number various, effective and not really, creams, srubs and masks is on sale. But not all can afford them therefore the means prepared in house conditions will come to the rescue. For example, honey means which will saturate the damaged sites with vitamins and will help skin to regenerate quicker. Wrappings by clay, sour cream, cottage cheese, seaweed are very effective as they saturate body with minerals and necessary components.

Do not forget about healthy nutrition and physical exercises. The procedures which are carried out in complex will help to get rid of extensions. If it does not occur, it is always possible to ask for the help professionals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team