Dogrose face oil and for hair

Dogrose face oil and for hair

dogrose is not only basis of the most useful drink against diseases, not only plant, surprisingly beautiful during blossoming, but also source of the oils applied in cosmetology.

Receiving and structure

Oil of dogrose is used in cosmetology not so long ago. It is connected with rather labor-intensive process of receiving it from the dried-up and crushed plant seeds. The received oily substance keeps all curative properties and differs in peculiar tart aroma, bitter taste and saturated shades: golden, solar-orange or almost burgundy. The extracted oil excellently heals, kills microbes and tones up.

Dogrose oil sometimes call the liquid sun because of color and beneficial influence on organism.

As a part of oil of dogrose fatty acids contain: olein, palmitic, linoleic and so forth. Vitamins E, And, With, being its part, stimulate work of organism and help assimilation of the microelements (iron, magnesium, calcium) which are contained in the same oil. All this raises zazhivlyaemost and tone of skin, restores cellular exchange and prevents aging. The set of useful substances in oil of dogrose is irreplaceable in need of skin moistening and nutrition.


Use of oil of dogrose is popular by drawing up the looking after means. With its help the dry and injured hair are recovered, the inflamed skin is moisturized and calms down. Masks and creams on the basis of oil are fine for the combined skin, but are not suitable for fat. Besides, as independent means oil is used from extensions and for pulling up of skin of problem zones.

For hair

Oil of dogrose can be used at fight against dandruff and also if necessary add to hair elasticity, gloss, force and softness. Usual shampoos at addition in them of oil or specially prepared in house conditions on the basis of this product save from split ends and remove the naggers of head skin. In pure form oil is used as the looking after balm. In that case it is rubbed in head skin and applied on hair for half an hour before washing. Action amplifies at additional thermal effect.

If hair sputyvatsya and electrified, apply oil on hair after washing, maintain minutes 2, and then wash away with very small amount of shampoo.

For the person

Oil of dogrose is suitable for the growing old, dry and combined face skin. It can be used as independently, and in combination with essential oils, with olive or almond. It is better to put means for the night and to give some time for absorption. Also it is suitable for thin and sensitive skin around eyes as humidifies and significantly reduces dark circles. This oil can be also used for drawing up massage mixes. The massage course for the person with use of such oil improves complexion, reduces skin oiliness, normalizes blood circulation and tightens skin. Also saves from pigmentation of skin and from freckles.

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