Dogrose hair oil

Dogrose hair oil

Oil of dogrose takes the worthy place among the components used in recipes of traditional, official medicine and in cosmetology for recovery of face skin, the head, body and strengthening of hair.

It is possible to buy dogrose oil in drugstore, in certain cases it is possible to prepare it in house conditions. For this purpose use dried fruits which crush in the coffee grinder or by means of the blender. The received powder needs to be filled in with the refined vegetable oil in the ratio 1:10, to put on water bath for 20-25 minutes, and then to wrap up and insist within 6-8 hours. After that to filter oil through small strainer and it is possible to use it in the medical purposes. The second way: to crush and fill in fresh hips with vegetable oil in the ratio 1:5. Mix needs to be mixed and infused well in the dark place at the room temperature within 10-14 days. Before application it is possible to add this product to ointments, creams, to part with water.

Masks with oil of dogrose are not suitable for oily hair, and the best effect is reached when drawing mask on the dry and injured hair, in the presence of dry dandruff.

Oil of dogrose is actively used for hair care. Generally it is used as basis for preparation of the restoring masks for hair, thanks to the ability to give to hair the shining look, to restore them after coloring, chemical waves and heat treatments.

There are many recipes with dogrose oil for treatment of hair and head skin. The simplest of them is that in head skin small amount of oil is rubbed, over mask the polyethylene hat is put on, and the head is wrapped up with towel. In 15-20 minutes it is necessary to wash away oil warm water without shampoo use. It is possible to make changes to the recipe, adding additional ingredients: in addition to apply fat kefir on hair, then to put on polyethylene hat and to wrap up the head with towel. In this case the mask needs to be washed away in 30-40 minutes warm water with addition of children's shampoo.

For disposal of dandruff and strengthening of roots of hair it is necessary to take 30 g of honey, 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, 3 tablespoons of oil of dogrose. Mix needs to be mixed properly. If the mask has turned out liquid, it is possible to add to mix of a little potato starch. It is necessary to apply it on dry hair for 25-30 minutes. Then to wash up the head warm water with small amount of shampoo.

It is necessary to carry out treatment by courses, on 1-2 times a week within 4-5 weeks. Regular application of masks with oil of dogrose will recover hair, will add them additional gloss and volume.

For the following recipe it is required 1 h l of oil of dogrose; 1 tablespoons of juice of onions, 1 tsp of honey and 1 tablespoon of the pharmaceutical medicine "Holosas". The mask is also applied on dry hair for 20 minutes, then washes off. The recipe of beer mask is interesting to recovery of dry hair: to take 500 ml of beer, 1 egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of oil of dogrose. It is necessary to put and wash away mask as well as all previous. Oil of dogrose can be added to ready shampoo or conditioner for hair, but it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to prepare such mix just before use. Addition of 1-2 drops of oil in water for rinsing of hair will add them softness, gloss and additional volume.

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