Dry skin care in the flying

Dry skin care in the flying

Dry skin demands in the flying additional leaving as it is more sensitive to the sun and pollution. As it is correct to look after dry skin in the flying – subject of our conversation today.

Principles of care for dry skin in the flying: clarification

Clarification is important for any type of skin. Also you should not think that if you have dry skin, then it needs clarification less, than fat as sebaceous glands work less actively. Dust and dirt which accumulate on face can become the reason of unpleasant consequences – pimples and various rashes. Accustom yourself – as soon as you come from the street, to purify skin. However refuse alkaline means – pick up skins and mousses which do not contain this aggressive substance.

For washing do not use cold water, kind of there was no wish to be cooled. To reduce skin temperature, you can use thermal or micellar water is not only to save you from unpleasant feelings, but also will clean and nourishes skin.

Dry skin care: moisteningMoistening is the procedure obligatory for any type of skin, and for dry especially. It is necessary to moisturize the dry skin not only in the morning and in the evening, but also in the afternoon. It is possible to use the thermal water which is already mentioned above if there is no that, then it is possible to use usual mineral.

Choose for yourself the good moisturizing cream. It is desirable that it contained vitamin E. also you can use usual vegetable oils, for example, olive. It should be noted, by the way, what to use in the winter and in the flying the same cream is impossible. First, in the flying we need additional protection against the scorching sun. Secondly, winter creams fatter and when using in summertime they can clog up pores.

Food of dry skin in summertime

First of all we will remind that the skin nourishment is not only various masochka and special creams, this also healthy nutrition in general. Summer – time of fruit, berries and vegetables therefore it is necessary to enrich the organism with vitamins from within.

Nutritious masks for dry skin need to be done of fruit and berries with honey, cream or egg yolk not to injure gentle skin fruit acids.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team