Easy way to twist hair

Easy way to twist hair

Women whom the nature has not awarded with the curling curls quite often should resolve very difficult question: how to twist hair that they laid down natural wave, remained beautiful, brilliant and healthy? Traditionally for hairdressing professional tools, electric devices or hair curlers are used. However there is also simpler method which is not demanding a lot of time and keeping structure of hair.

Transformation of direct locks into beautifully curled hair – occupation difficult. It is known that the chemical wave, even the most sparing and carried out on modern medicines with the looking after additives, negatively affects health of curls. The same treats also tools for wave: hair dryers, "irons" and nippers without effort will cope with this task, but it is necessary to pay for ease with the dry, dim and splitting hair.

Softer and healthy way use of hair curlers for hair is considered – there is no influence by chemical medicines or high temperature, but this method has essential shortcoming: not all hair curlers are suitable for night wave. Some of them badly hold form and as a result curls turn out ugly; hair curlers often confuse hair with "velcro" and happen too rigid that disturbs comfortable dream.

The simplest and at the same time quite original way of hairdressing is use of big scarf or even the most usual t-shirt if scarfs near at hand were not. Fabric is twisted on diagonal in hard plait and pull together with elastic band its ends, having received dense ring. Hair slightly humidify, carefully comb and divide into separate locks. The ring from scarf or t-shirt is stacked on the head and, holding it with one hand, the second hand lock of hair turn around fabric, fixing the ends by invisible hairpins.

The same actions are repeated with other locks therefore the high soft roller from hair which is not disturbing dream turns out if the wave is done since evening. It is necessary only to untwist accurately curls in the morning, to lay them fingers in the necessary order and to be glad to how easily and it is just possible to twist hair even in the most severe conditions when near at hand there are no instruments of laying or hair curlers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team