Easy ways of fixing of stylish hairstyle for ballroom dances

Easy ways of fixing of stylish hairstyle for ballroom dances

In ball tournaments special requirements are always imposed to appearance of participants. In particular, girls need to give to hair special laying. You can choose one of admissible ball hairstyles and make it independently or in beauty shop.

Admissible hairstyles for partners on ballroom dances are bunches and gulk. It is possible to make laying on the basis of them in house conditions, however it is desirable that with it somebody helped, for example, the experienced hairdresser or the girlfriend on section of ballroom dances. Despite the general simplicity, hairstyles have several elements which can become exigeant if you decide to style hair independently.

The choice and laying of competitive hairstyle — important and responsible task. It is necessary that it corresponded to the general style, suit of couple and the stated program and also suited the heroine.

The elastic band, the roller, hairpins, jewelry, varnish and styling foam will be necessary for you for creation of classical bunch from braids. Apply skin on hair and carefully comb them, having achieved ideal smoothness. Divide hair into three zones, bring together them in low tail in the central area. Apply the roller or chignon to the basis of tail and reliably fix it by hairpins. Separate lock from tail, braid it to the spit, having twirled around the basis of the roller and having fixed by means of hairpins.

Separate the following lock, weave one more braid, twirl it around the roller near made earlier slanting and pin hairpins. Do this action several times until receive beautiful and equal bunch from braids. Tie the ends, using small latex elastic bands, and hide in bunch.

Take part of hair from the right front part of the head, comb, divide into two parts, then cross and fix by hairpins about bunch. Weave braids out of each lock and fix them parallel to the available braids in bunch. Do the same procedure on the left side of hairstyle. Plentifully process hair varnish and add flower jewelry.

Women during ballroom dances are forbidden to carry bang. If it too long also prevents creation of hairstyle, it is possible to record it varnish together with the locks twisted in zigzag then to remove back or up with other hair.

The following popular hairstyle for ballroom dances is the gulka with plaits and braids. For its creation are necessary one simple elastic band and several thinner, the invisible being, varnish, hairpins and decorative flower. Divide hair into three parts. Collect lower in hard tail and pull together with elastic band. Evenly distribute tail around. Take three thin locks and begin to do plait. During weaving separate several locks, identical by the size, from tail and interweave them consistently into the spit. Having finished weaving, pull together braid in the bottom of small. Take part of hair from the right front part of the head and twist in hard plait. Repeat action on the left side. By means of invisible beings record two turned-out plaits at the tail basis. From the ends of plaits twist still plait of the small size. Create the third plait in the form of arch over bunch and record hairpins. Using the invisible being, fix carefully all bunch. Spray with varnish ready hairstyle and decorate with flower.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team