Effective oils for growth of eyelashes

Effective oils for growth of eyelashes

For growth of eyelashes it is necessary to use special cosmetic oils. Similar means feed roots and strengthen hairs and also give them saturated color. It is possible to use one oil or to do masks of several components.

Perhaps, one of the most effective remedies for growth of eyelashes is almond oil. It contains large amount of albumens, glycerides, vitamin E and fatty linoleic acids. This means not only accelerates growth of eyelashes, but also does them elastic and keeps natural gloss.

It is necessary to apply almond oil on cilia with special brush. It is also possible to moisten with warm water cotton pad and to put several drops of oil. It is necessary to wipe eyelashes before full removal of make-up. By the way, the specified means perfectly is combined also with other oils (castoric and burdock).

As for burdock oil, it effectively influences growth of eyelashes, thanks to vitamins, mineral salts, proteins, tannins and natural inulin. Similar oil protects cilia from stratification and fragility. Also in the course of its application there is strengthening of hair bulbs. For receiving effective balm it is possible to mix burdock oil, vitamin E and juice of aloe in equal proportions. It is necessary to mix and keep components in the closed ware about a month. In the course of application the similar means is just applied on eyelashes as ink.

It is necessary to remember that for the night it is not necessary to leave burdock oil on eyelashes. Otherwise hypostasis around eyes can develop in the morning.

And here sea-buckthorn surely it is necessary to oil every day eyelashes by means of special brush. It excellently feeds eyelashes and does them more dense. Mix with sea-buckthorn oil promotes strengthening and growth of hairs. For its preparation crush dry flowers of dogrose (2 tablespoons) and fill in them with the above-stated oil (3 tablespoons). Then it is necessary to place mix for 10-12 days in the cool place, and after the specified term it is good to filter. If every day to grease eyelashes with the turned-out mix, their loss will quickly stop. Peach oil differs in unique structure. It contains B15 vitamin and various microelements which promote growth of eyelashes and perfectly feed them. If regularly to grease with it eyelashes, they will become healthy, fluffy and dense. By the way, such product is absolutely hypoallergenic. For increase in efficiency before holding procedure it is necessary to warm a little peach oil in palms. After that it needs to be applied on cotton pads and to put vatu on eyelashes. In 20 minutes the disks can be removed and to slightly blot cilia with warm water.

Peach oil yields especially good result at removal of make-up. With its help the eyelashes are gently cleaned from ink that is combined with their food.

Quite often camphoric oil also is applied to acceleration of growth of hairs. The greatest effect of application can be reached if to mix 1 tablespoon of castoric and 2 tablespoons of camphoric oil. It is possible to grease with this structure eyelashes by means of brush from ink every day. It is desirable not to wash away this mix within hour. Compositions of above-mentioned oils are recommended to be enriched with cod-liver oil and also oil extracts of parsley, cornflower, camomile, camomile, carrot juice, aloe, calendula for achievement of the maximum effect. One of the most effective growth factors of eyelashes includes burdock, olive, almond oils and vitamin A.

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