Efficiency of epilation wax strips of Veet

Efficiency of epilation wax strips of Veet

Epilators of a various type and razors - that is only not used by women in disposal of indumentum, trying to obtain that skin became smooth and gentle. These infinite cosmetic procedures are tiresome and not always leave pleasant feelings.

Producers of wax strips Veet advertize the products as the most effective remedy for removal of undesirable hair, convenient and very simple in application. There are three types of this product which are offered for various type of integuments. The strips containing berry extracts and shea butter can be used for normal skin, the milk of lotus and aloe belief is part of means for dry, and to sensitive the option with vitamin E and almond oil will approach more.

The effect after application of wax strips of Veet quite long also reaches the period of four weeks. Constant use of this means leads to the fact that hairs become thinner and soft, in addition their density much more decreases. It is possible to apply strips without waiting for the full growth of hair, they are capable to cope even with very short hairs about 2 mm high.

In the instruction of wax strips of Veet it is highlighted that means is intended for removal of hair standing and hands, in axillary hollows and zone of bikini. Application of strips on face, breast and in groin is inadmissible. Before the first carrying out epilation it is better to begin with the site where skin is less sensitive and will not undergo irritation, for example from legs. It is not recommended to put strips several times to one place, especially in zones which can undergo irritation.

Reaction to application of strips of Veet depends on individual shipping of this means. Someone is happy with the received result, and someone should repeat the procedure several times, without trying to obtain even at the same time the maximum effect. The skin differently reacts to influence of wax structure, in some cases when using the burning or itch can appear. In this case it is necessary to stop epilation and to carefully wash out the inflamed site.

Availability on skin of birthmarks, scars or damages is obstacle to application of wax strips of Veet. It is not recommended to use them also to people with varicosity.

Undesirable results when using wax strips of Veet generally appear at their misuse. Application of means has to be carried out strictly according to the instruction made by the producer of product. Strips cannot be removed in the direction of growth of hairs, it is done only in opposite direction. After the made epilation within a day it is forbidden to subject skin to influence of direct sunshine, to use antiperspirants and various perfumery.

During pregnancy it is better to refuse use of wax strips of Veet and to temporarily choose different way of epilation. Skin during this period is predisposed to irritation.

To make use of strips of Veet more effective before starting the procedure, it is necessary to adopt water procedures with use of srub with the glucoleft or salicylic acid. Follicles will become softer and all process of removal of hairs will be painless. After epilation, skin needs to be wiped with antiseptic tonic to prevent penetration of bacteria into open time.

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