Electroepilation of hair: types, features of the procedure

Electroepilation of hair: types, features of the procedure

Girls and women aim at possession of smooth velvety skin without any vegetation. Now there is huge number of ways of disposal of excess hair. Treat them: electroepilation, photoepilation, epilation laser, wax depilation and sugaring. But, perhaps, one of the most effective ways of disposal of excess vegetation is the electroepilation.

The epilation current is considered universal type of removal of hairs. It is suitable for any types of skin and also any type of vegetation ‒ hairs of any color, thickness and length. Depending on way of carrying out distinguish several types of electroepilation. Thermolysis ‒ the most widespread way of epilation current. The principle of its carrying out consists in introduction of thin needle to skin under hair bulb. Under the influence of high-frequency current and low voltage the bulb collapses. It should be noted that the procedure this very painful and demands preliminary anesthesia of the processed surface. Formation of atrophic hems on sensitive skin and even inflammation hair follicle can become one more unpleasant moment of such procedure.

The main plus of thermolysis is that for rather short time it is possible to process big surfaces.

Electrolysis ‒ mnogoiglovy the way of removal of hair based on application of galvanic current. Needles enter into hair follicles and carry on them weak electric current. The chemical reactions arising at the same time lead to destruction of hair bulb. The procedure this quite long, but its carrying out brings smaller discomfort and also the risk of developing of scars and inflammations is much lower.

Bland method combines two above-mentioned ways of removal of hairs. The essence of this method consists in carrying out on needle at first of alternating current, and then constant. This way is the most effective, but there is risk of formation of hems and inflammation follicle. Before the procedure the cosmetologist surely offers the anesthetizing medicines. They are selected taking into account individual shipping and medical indications. Start implementation of the procedure only after medicine has worked. The procedure of carrying out electroepilation very difficult and on technology of performance reminds acupuncture. Under hair bulb enter thin needles sensors through which then carry electric current into skin. The chemical reactions happening in skin lead to destruction of hair root, and hair easily is removed by means of tweezers.

All process of performance of epilation usually takes half an hour to hour.

The epilation allows to delete with current hairs from any parts of the body ‒ persons, stomach, zone of bikini, armpits and also legs and hands. The correct implementation of the procedure of epilation will allow to avoid side effects, such as atrophic scarring or inflammation follicle. After electroepilation on the processed zone the small hypostasis and reddening is observed. Therefore within 24 hours it is not necessary to apply to skin of cream and lotions. In case of hit on the proepilirovanny site of any moistening means it is necessary to carry out disinfection by any spirit solution, and then to process special ointment or to powder with talc. And here it is necessary to forget about visit of the pool, bath and sunbed not less, than for week.

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