Epilation in axillary zone

Epilation in axillary zone

The axillary hollow - rather delicate place for epilation. Instead of habitual ways in this case it is possible to use sugaring. It allows to depilate for long time, at the same time without having caused any irritation.

There were in the past those times when women did not trouble themselves epilation. But today girls care for that excess vegetation has been removed. If you do not wish that on your skin after epilation red spots or hairs which did not manage to be removed properly were noticeable, then you should choose sugaring. It can be done as at home, and in salon. Here the choice depends only on your preferences and monetary opportunities.

The sugaring is method of disposal of hair which is based on use of natural ingredients. It will be ideal for people with very sensitive skin. At the same time it allows to remove even vellus hairs. For the first time the sugaring has been used still by the Egyptian beauties and still remains popular in number of east countries. The sugar epilation will also help you to save means.

For preparation of sugar paste take one kilogram of sugar and add to it five tablespoons of lemon juice and the same amount of water. Mix the received mix. Put pan on plate, include gas at full capacity. Why in a few minutes lower gas. Massú needs to mix each ten minutes. In total for preparation of sugaring you will need about forty minutes.

Instead of sugaring it is possible to apply usual wax, but in this case the epilation will take a little more time.

After full cooling of mix pinch off a little sugar paste and carefully knead it in hands. Further apply it to skin in the axillary hollow and sharply tear off. It is so possible to remove all hairs. The procedure is rather painful, but allows to make epilation for long term. Its main advantage consists in it.

Pay attention that after epilation it is impossible to sunbathe and visit sauna as on skin burns can develop.

If you hurry somewhere, and you simply have no time for sugaring, it is possible to use usual shaving for this purpose. But in that case skin will remain smooth only a few days, you will need to make epilation in axillary zone once again. There are also ways of removal of hair forever. It is electro- and laser epilation. The electroepilation is carried out as follows: the master enters small needle which burns out hairs from within into each follicle. For full removal of vegetation in axillary hollows can be required to steam of sessions. After the procedure on skin there can also be small reddenings. The electroepilation has number of contraindications: chronic disease of skin, varicosity, diabetes. Only the professional cosmetologist has to perform the procedure. This method is ideal for removal of hair in axillary hollows. Also modern hardware cosmetology suggests to apply laser epilation to removal of hair. This procedure is absolutely painless and helps to get rid of hair forever for several times. The epilation in this case is carried out by means of laser beam of the directed action. At the same time the light energy in follicles turns into thermal. Thus removal of hair is made.

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