Epilation wax of deep bikini

Epilation wax of deep bikini

Waxing is procedure which will allow to get rid of hair for a long time. Besides, those who have rare hairs and thin can remove them for ever if during year and a half use this method.

Waxing of zone of bikini - why it is necessary

The epilation of zone of bikini is necessary not only in the flying, during beach season. Too thick it is better to depilate during the whole year. First, it is so simpler to look after genitals. The smell and allocations do not accumulate in hair. Secondly, deep bikini - opportunity to please darling with new sexual feelings. It is possible to depilate not completely, and to cut off the beautiful drawing. Thirdly, the appearance becomes more esthetic. Hairs are not excreted under too fitting skirt or shorts.

Epilation wax - how to carry out the procedure of the house

It is easy to create drawings in zone of bikini by means of cliches which can be found in the Internet. For example, on the website of the Brown company - the famous producer of means for shaving and epilation.

Skin in the field of bikini very gentle therefore the procedure can bring extremely unpleasant feelings. That to minimize them, be trained on less painful parts of body - legs, hands, armpits. Having held several sessions you will understand how many wax should be imposed with what force and how to pull that pain was as little as possible. According to reviews to help lower pain during bikini wax usual lidocaine can. This solution is on sale in drugstores and is used at dental care. It is necessary to moisten with lidocaine cotton wool and to wipe the place of epilation. You look at the watch. Through fifteen - twenty minutes medicine has to work, it is possible to apply wax.

If hair too dense - it is better to entrust epilation wax to professionals. In house conditions it is possible to injure gentle skin seriously.

Warm wax up to the necessary temperature - thirty five - thirty seven degrees. It is possible to warm up the container with wax in the microwave or on water bath. Before applying on area of bikini, drip wax on the palm back. If he is burned down, wait a little until he cools down. You apply wax with special rake in the direction of growth of hair. The layer has to be not too thin - otherwise hair will not grab. But also not thick - then wax will be complex to be unstuck. Approximate thickness of layer - one and a half - two millimeters. Having applied wax on bikini zone, attach from above cotton strip. They are on sale complete with wax. But it is possible to use also usual rag napkins. They fasten on growth of hair. Take strip by bottom edge, and sharply pull against growth of hair. The more sharply you will pull - the remove more hair. The strip with wax on it can be used until it does not cease to stick to hairs.

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