Evening hairstyles on long hair the hands

Evening hairstyles on long hair the hands

On long hair it is possible to think up many options of hairstyles. Some of them become with weaving elements, others - are created by means of curls, and often these methods can be used together. It is appropriate to decorate evening hairstyles with hairpins in tone to dress or refined hairpin.

Weaving on long hair

On long hair perfectly look weaving. It is possible to braid braid from 3 locks, at the same time weaving has to be not hard that it was possible to make azhura. For this purpose take out extreme hair from each round of weaving, i.e. pull about 2-3 mm of hair from the region of the spit and take out them on 1 cm, forming kind of openwork weaving. Braid from 3 locks it is possible proplest inside or outside.

If you want to interweave tape under colors of evening dress, use weaving from 4 or 5 locks. When weaving four-row braid the tape in the middle will go snake, i.e. over one lock to be imposed from above and to disappear under following, it is already necessary to alternate throughout. When weaving from 5 locks 2 tapes which can be taken different color are used. In five-row weaving of tape cross only middle lock, and the plait is done as usual of three. For giving to weaving of volume look, you can take out slightly hair at the edges of braid.

Having a little trained on improvised material (laces, tapes, etc.), you for certain will master weaving and from 5, 6, 7 locks of hair. It is difficult for to create such hairstyle, but to braid the sister or the girlfriend quite perhaps. If you collect hair at first in tail (at the same time you will carefully comb that roosters were not formed), and then from tail will braid three ordinary three-row spits, then can lay them in rose. For this purpose on each spit make openwork its right side. Curtail the first braid around, forming flower bud, and lay the second and third around bud. Do not forget to fix carefully each braid simple hairpins or invisible beings. When the hairstyle from the weaved braids is ready, can use decorative hairpins with pearls, butterflies, florets. You fix them symmetrically or chaotically, but do not go too far in abundance of the decorating elements.

Hairstyles with curls

Gathering for celebration or guest-night, you can always beautifully style correctly wound hair. At hairdressing the curling iron use the stage-by-stage equipment, i.e. separate from below row 2 cm wide, and pin up other hair upward. Twist this row, then from upper hair separate one more similar row, and so step by step you will reach front hair which it is necessary to stack more carefully. Record hairstyle varnish. If you like to curl on hair curlers, use other equipment. That accurate and equal curls have turned out, it is necessary to gather hair from top and row behind row to move to the occipital area. Remove hair curlers not earlier than that time which is specified in the instruction to them. To give to hair air and slightly negligent look, after hairdressing incline the head forward that curls hanged down in the face of. Vspushite bush of hair fingers and sharply throw back the head back. Record behind the received volume is delicious. Correct in front curls, give them mysterious look and also sprinkle varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team