F 99 cream – the description, the instruction for application

F 99 cream – the description, the instruction for application

F 99 cream – the medical cosmetic intended for therapy of skin diseases (eczemas, dermatitis) and also for very dry and sensitive skin care. At the heart of cream – the moistening and nutritious components which render salutary effect on the damaged sites of epidermis.

Pharmaceutical cream ""F 99"" is intended for external application for the purpose of vosstanoveniye of integrity of integument, elimination of allergic reactions, irritation, dryness. Means is authorized to use at adults and children. Its drawing is allowed on any parts of the body.

Composition of F 99 cream

The basis of F 99 cream is formed by vitamin F – complex of the irreplaceable (nonsaturated) fatty acids rendering the anti-inflammatory, regenerating and antiseptic effect. 

Additional components are provided by thistle oil, sunflower oil, emulsion wax, glycerin.

Vitamin F is widely applied in cosmetology and dermatology. Its deficiency results in the increased dryness and withering of skin, deterioration in skin metabolism, comedones, formation of peelings, appearance of eels.

Normal the person receives irreplaceable fatty acids from food. Such food as corn, sunflower and peanut butter, pumpkin sunflower seeds, walnut, almonds, pistachios are especially rich with vitamin F. Also it is present at beef, chicken yolk, red caviar.  

To the indication to use of F 99 cream

  • Eczema of dry and wet types
  • Cracks on epithelium, cuts
  • Ulcers of the lower extremities
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Superficial burns
  • Pigmental spots
  • Agnails

Cream prevents skin presenilation, is suitable for supersensitive and excessively dry skin care. It is applied on the damaged sites with uniform thin layer, the easy massing movements before full absorption. Residues of cream are removed napkin.


Individual intolerance of the separate components which are part of cream. 

Cosmetic and medical effect of F 99 cream

  • Creates protective barrier on skin from negative factors of the environment
  • Humidifies, interferes with moisture loss
  • Normalizes work of sebaceous glands
  • Increases local immunity
  • Softens corneal layer of skin
  • Ukrepyaet capillaries
  • Eliminates the naggers.

F 99 cream can be used as the main remedy and as a part of complex therapy. 

Forms of production of F 99 cream

  • Fat – on wax basis.
  • Semifat – water-based.

Prescribing of fat cream ""F 99"" – course treatment of eczema, neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis; healing of wounds, very dry skin care.

Application after consultation with the doctor on the scheme appointed by it is allowed.

Prescribing of semifat cream ""F 99"" – treatment of burns, furunkuleza, the becoming wet wounds, regeneration of skin after mechanical damages; children's skin care at diaper dermatitis, behind sensitive skin.

Daily application according to the instruction is allowed.


Treatment-and-prophylactic cream ""F 99"" possesses complex universal action.

Besides the solution of wide range of cosmetic and dermatological problems, this means allows to return to skin elasticity and to restore its elasticity.

The balanced combination of the useful components entering consistence of cream render lasting therapeutic effect with minimal risk of by-effects.

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