Face peel by fruit acids

Face peel by fruit acids

Face peel by fruit acids in house conditions will help to remove the keratosic upper layer of the skin, to eliminate pigmental spots, to clarify freckles and to get rid of excess production of skin fat.

As fruit acids work

Acid exfoliation can be carried out in the conditions of beauty shop where will offer you the procedure with use of professional tools for peeling. Besides, on sale the huge choice of acid peelings which can use in house conditions is provided, having studied the instruction from the producer. As a part of ready means contain: the benzoic, phytin, retinoic, azelaic or trikhrouksusny acids which effectively cope with removal of the keratosic layer of epidermis do skin soft, velvety, start processes of regeneration and rejuvenation.

In house conditions the face peel by fruit acids can be carried out by means of natural means as a part of which contain alpha hydroskisloty, helping to cope not less effectively with all problems and it is not worse to purify skin, than at the saloon procedure. The cost of ingredients for acid peeling the most available.

What products to use for acid face peel

Apple, lemon, orange, tartaric acid, kefir – these products are ideal for carrying out the sparing acid peeling. For preparation of means it is necessary to crush mix of fruit or some one fruit the blender. Rather liquid mix which will be inconvenient to be applied to skin will turn out. To thicken weight, add to it a little oat-flakes. Plentifully grease face and neck with the received gruel. In fifteen minutes carefully wash away everything warm water, apply the moisturizing or nutritious cream. When using acid mask you will feel easy pricking or burning. It means that the peeling effectively works. If unpleasant feelings have amplified, burning became intolerable, immediately remove mask from skin, grease face and neck with fat cream. If necessary see doctor.

Contraindications to carrying out face peel by fruit acids

Refuse face peel by fruit acids in the presence in the anamnesis of allergic reactions. Acids can provoke allergy and hypostasis. Also you should not do acid peeling at individual intolerance, at dry and sensitive skin, psoriasis, eczema, inflammatory processes with extensive damage of epidermis, at large number of birthmarks and pigmental spots. In the period of the active sun after peeling it is necessary to use cream with high degree of protection. And from professional acid peeling which is carried out in beauty shop it is better to refuse and postpone cleaning until the late fall or winter absolutely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team